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Peeps and Angy `r not happy till they become life partners.

It had been a long year for Peeps. The year was 2007; a year after a terrible separation of Peeps with his wife. The hot summer nights of Durban had been keeping Peeps awake. This night he kept twisting and turning on his queen sized golden bed. He had been thinking a lot about his life lately. Since 2006, 22 September, he had not been himself. In fact this is the day he left the house they have been living in with his family. He got involved with women but not in the manner he liked. He got involved in what we call one night stands. He had been seeing these women nichodemously.

Having started a business the previous year, he thought it was time he moved away from his parent`s home to a place where he can be more dependent on himself.  He had been there since December 2006. One Saturday when he was in KwaNdengezi shooting a wedding, his children called him saying the were going home to his parent`s house. That`s when he began staying there. He never wanted to be there actually. He knew the consequences thereof. This would also help him concentrate on his work. His business dealt with typing, printing, photography, videography, cell phone and computer repairs. Actually it had to do with the communications. 

                                                                                         He finally decided to move to Pinetown. In Pinetown lived his cousin-uncle, Wishbone; also Pinetown was the home town of his girlfriend. Not that he went there to be close to her; in fact Peeps did not love this girl; no he went there because Wishbone was the only person in the world at that moment whom Peeps believed understood him perfectly.

On Friday the 1st of February 2008 Peeps went to Pinetown to check on the working space. Pinetown was full of people. Peeps noticed that there were not very much places which had spaces to rent. As a matter of fact people in Pinetown shared the rooms to rent. A 40 square meter room could be shared among 5 people. This could also mean that someone would not be having enough space. Hill Street is one of the busiest streets in Pinetown. There are various shops where you can buy food, furniture, do hair, repair your phone or computer, take a photo etc. Finally in the passage of the same street, Peeps got one place which would cost him half of the arm. When he talked to the main guy of the place, he found that there were four people sharing this place. He was going to be the fifth person to rent a space in the same room.

That same day he went home a happy person. When he reached home he told them that he finally got a place to do his work as a serious business person. It was not that he was not serious before; he started working as an unregistered person in 2005. In 2006 he registered his business with CIPRO. He had worked with many individuals and church groups before. He was in association with TEBZA studio with whom they had produced a number of DVDs. Finding a place like this would give people a sense of security because they would know where to find him. 

Monday the following week he left home for work. He came back home everyday. The first days were very tough on Peeps. He made no real money as he had no customers. His landlord knew his problem and tried to make life easy for him by giving him enough business to make the taxi fare. Wakah was a Muslim according to religion though he was a black South African. He ran a shoe shop in the same room where Peeps worked. There were three other people working in the same room. You can imagine that it was a huge room. They all shared the rent as it was too much for anyone of them. Peeps shared the smallest of the space in the room. The rent was reasonable. He knew that once he was in business he would be able to make the rent in two days of the month. Though Wakah understood Peeps` situation, some days he could not give him any work. Like there was a day, Monday it was, Peeps stayed without work to bring him money. What made things worse was the fact that this woman who did people`s events had ordered business cards which Peeps had done generously failed to pay him. This meant losing ink and papers just like that. At the end of the day he had only ten rands in his pocket and there was no way he could go home that day. Though he had decided that he would not go to Wishbone until he was financially alright, he found himself in no position to be a chooser.

He asked around for the transport that went to Nazareth Island. It was not far from where he worked. From the passage of the room he shared he went to Hill Street. That side of the road had Kentucky Fried Chicken, Jwayelani and in the corner of the street was a bakery. From this bakery you could see Boxer super store. Next to Boxer super store was the taxi rank. Here you could find taxis to Nazareth and those going to Nazareth Island. He went into the taxi; fortunately for him the fare was four rand fifty and he was left with five rand fifty. The taxi drove on the roads he did not know. Finally he came to the place which he recognized. Now he was certain he was going to Wishbone`s place. The taxi went with him until he reached his destiny. As soon as he got out of the taxi he took out his cigarettes and smoked. He first went to his granny`s home where he hoped to get information he needed about Wishbone.

On the front door there were kids he did not know. There was no single face he knew. He tried to explain who he was but no one seemed to know him. They called Smalls for him and this guy never knew him. He was left to take care of the house as the old lady of the house was not in and no one knew when she was coming back. Peeps asked Smalls if he could stay there for the night but Smalls was not merciful. He told him that since he did not know him, he could not let him stay especially because he was going out till late.

Not that there was something that Peeps could steal in the house which was not far from being empty. Having seen and lived a somewhat luxurious life in his time Peeps knew that this house had nothing that was of value to anyone. He remembered the times he spent here while he was still a young lad. It was a home then; Wishbone still lived here with the parents, his sisters and brothers. Two of the sisters were now dead and gone as well as one brother was also dead including the father of the house. These kids, who were here, belonged to dead daughters. Because it had been a long time since Peeps came and stayed here, these kids did not know him. They did not even saw him the previous year when he came here to the burial of one of the children of the house. May be it is because Peeps is not the type of person that speaks much.

                                       Smalls locked the house and started going towards the road. The blanket of the night began covering the earth and Peeps had to think fast. As they go he asked about Wishbone. Smalls told him that he must take the road that went towards the river. He had to ask anyone where Wishbone lived. Worried as he was he begun to go down the road as told by Smalls. As he moves down the road he wondered how much the whole place had changed. The place which was now full of three room public houses was once a forest. As youngsters they used to run around this place which had few houses scattered all over the land. They used to climb trees and got mango fresh from the tree. There were cows and goats. What was now the tarred road was then a path used by pedestrians. As he moved down the road he noticed that the farm which sold Maas was still there, the company which was cold Cola back then was still there. Across the river there were more houses than it used to be. It amazes how today`s world`s changes affect the way people live. Many of the people who were now living here came from places far from Nazareth. Some came from Clermont, Hammersdale, St.Wendolin`s, etc. Peeps could not stop thinking that the place which was now buzzing with noise was so peaceful. Now there was electricity, people could actually get water from the tap in the comfort of their own homes. Even there were these changes, Peeps noticed that the old houses were never removed or demolished when the new houses were built.

Finally Peeps decided to go into one of the houses on the left hand side of the road to ask if they knew Wishbone; surprisingly the Xhosa man he talked to said, “ If you want Wishbone go and knock on the house next door to our home” Peeps could not believe his ears. He was not going to sleep on the outside. Though he was skeptical there was hope. Wishbone was the kind of person who moved about. He had been to Free State for seven years at one time. Peeps was not sure if he would get him. As he walked inside the yard of this house, he praying that he finds him. And so, he knocked; guess what! Wishbone stood there for full two seconds holding his mouth; more of a mustache because that was more visible than his mouth.

After a full two seconds Wishbone said,”Hey Peeps, been a long time man.” Peeps just stood there and laughed. He was relieved he found his friend and relative. Everyone else in the house was amazed at what was happening. Wishbone was living with a woman and two kids. He made introductions. Wishbone told Peeps to sit down and wait while he went out. There was a bit of silent while Wishbone went out; eventually Peeps broke the silence by telling this woman who he was.

My name is Peeps, I live in Durban Umlazi. Before I came to Umlazi I lived at Kwa-Makhutha with my family. I have known Wishbone for as long as I can remember. We grew up together. Our mothers share the same maiden name by blood. You see Wishbone`s mom was my grandmother`s sister; unfortunately she died while I was still very young. I have a vivid imagination of her. When I grew I knew my great grandmother whom I visited most of the time. Let us just say during the holidays I would visit her at the same time when Wishbone did. We grew up as brothers. We were of the same height, we had the same interests. We shared the city life and everything fell into place. Our friendship surpassed everything. After my great grandmother died we continued seeing each other. I visited Marrianhill to see Wishbone. Back then this whole area was scattered in terms of houses. There was air and peace. We used to go across the river to Tony`s and Marrianridge. Back then I was not used to the other brothers of Wishbone. They worked away from home. I can tell you one thing though that I enjoyed being around Wishbone. We played piano at his home. If not that he took me to Clermont where he had a music band in which he played synthesizer. I think I grew the love of music from those times.

I mean we come a long way with Wishbone. As we grew we had little time to ourselves. He went to Free State to work in the mine and I continued to work as an educator. Surely when we had time we met. I remember at some stage we met and I convinced him to come with us to South Coast; we had to go and make payments for my brother`s children. That is not the only time he took part in my family`s business. There was me too. In the years immediately after I started working we met with Wishbone in Durban. My then girlfriend turned wife was working in one of hair salons at the same time as Wishbone`s. When I got engaged, Wishbone was there.  We sort of kept track of one another. We lost one another after that for a while until one night he came knocking on my door. I was surprised to see him; I did not even know he knew where I was stayed. I was there when we buried his sister, brother and the last time I was here was last year when his last born sister died. I did not get to know you then.

Wishbone came back with a six pack of some cider he loved. We shared in celebration of seeing one another one more time. His woman told him that I explained to her how much we meant to each other. He was happy that we got acquainted while he was gone. Wishbone told Peeps about his life while they were in absence of one another. Hey Peeps, things have been upside down in my life. You remember that I had that woman who lived at Mahlabathini, Clermont. After her I got involved with another one; hey you know her, Nothembi, from the salon. I loved her such that I was in my preparation to marry her. Somehow we did not go that far. I fell in love with another woman across the river. She got me to stay with her. We did much together. We were even in business together but I can`t go into those details. When I met Gangan we can into an end as an item. Ever since, I have been here with this family. I love them very much and they love me too. I plan to spend my life here with them. They talked until too late. Eventually they went to sleep.

Peeps woke up in the morning and went to work; because he had no money to call home and tell them where he was, at his home they found that he had left his phone. When they checked the most dialed number they saw one number. They phoned it in anticipation that Peeps had visited the owner of the number. While working, he had a visit from Prayer, his then girlfriend. Prayer was not actually a love of his life. She was just there because of some other reasons which you will come to understand at the long run. So Peeps and Prayer went to call Peep`s sister and told her everything was alright and he was coming home that evening. Prayer made a mistake of saying Peeps was a fool for not saying where he went without understanding the reasons for his actions. Finally Peeps went back to work leaving Prayer to do whatever she was going to do in town.

Peeps managed to make enough money to go home that evening. At his home they asked him about the life of their relatives. He told them that Hope, Wishbone`s big brother was living with another woman after leaving his wife of years. He also told them how he nearly slept in the open night sky. For Peeps it would have been not the first time to be in the same situation. Back in the day when he was still teaching in the Lil Lantern, he had visited a friend. They had a lot to drink, when he was supposed to go back to his place of stay, he got lost. He woke up the next day in some house he did not recognize. They told him he nearly fell into the depths of the highest mountain in area. Fortunately he had a good relationship with his learners who accommodated him. He was thankful and left.

Peeps had always had it in mind that he wanted to leave his parents house. One day he left work and went to Wishbone`s place. They sat down and talked deeply. Wishbone knew about Peep`s separation from his wife; he wanted to hear the whole story from him. So Peeps began to tell him.

                             You know my wife. We lived in Philane with her. You once visited us there. Her family began to leave for heaven one by one. First it was her mother, then her brother. When her father was left alone, he asked if we can stay with him. My wife was reluctant because she could not leave her fancy house and live in the practically falling house. I kept giving her hope that everything will be alright. The house will be as good as new. I lived up to my word. The house changed dramatically. Even if I say it myself, it was better than many houses around it. There were problems between us. We loved each other. I have never loved any woman before. I have never cried for breaking up with anyone before. But with her there was always this fire burning inside of me when I looked into her. Even after breaking up there were moments when we met; we could not get our hands off each other. It was like living in the dangerous world.

When I stopped working for medical reasons, our relationship had been impacted badly. There was someone else in the picture. My wife was in love with another man. According to her though she denied it; she had a problem with my family. I strongly believe that she got in the affair to get a scapegoat. Her family was no more and she had no one to worry about. If she did that, there were only relatives who had no actual impact in her life. She always had believed that she was not related to her mother who was actually her step mother.

So I finally left her on her request. My debate on the matter was that she was asking for the divorce but she was afraid to say it to my face. If she said we should be separated and see if we can live without one another because of my family as she put it; then, she used me. She asked me in disguise to divorce her. Not that I regret doing it. I knew her. I knew when she faked orgasm and knew when she loved love making. That night when we cried to each other`s shoulders `twas real. I felt her pain as she felt mine. Like” hey I know you love me and I love you but in the name of love let us agree to disagree.” That is how I lost my blood of my blood; the first woman I really ever loved. I did not know after that if I could love again. I don`t know now if I can love again. I can hear you wanting to know about Prayer. Actually she is just a result of a rebound. I have been involved with her before and I thought she would be easier to handle than a stranger. I was wrong. I can`t stop thinking how we drifted apart with her. I hared her for lying to me. Lying was forgivable. She left me saying that she was visiting her uncle. When she came back I knew something was wrong the moment we got into bed together. I had to let her go. That night we parted our ways forever, until after my “divorce to my wife.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           When we met with Prayer it really worried me that she knew all about my past. Someone like that must have been in the shadows looking and waiting for the chance to strike. I never intentionally went to ask to be in love with her or her to love me again. No! If my memory serves me better my mother mentioned her name to me as some sort of a solution to my loneliness. Somehow a neighbor also told me how Prayer had been asking about me wanting to get my contact. After hooking up with her, I realized how much I loathed her. I ruined my perfect new found bachelorhood by yet bringing a rat into my life. I did not need a girl like her in my life. She made me resent the day I ever met her; this was because of the way we parted some twenty years ago.

Why do you lie to this woman because you clearly do not love her? This question was from Wishbone. Peeps was honest in answering that question. You see Wishbone, I am living a lie and it will catch up with me one day. I hate this woman and right now I am not in the mood of loving someone and she happens to be here. She enjoys hearing me tell her I love her. The thing is she acts as shield against people who think I should not be without a woman to love. If you ask me the way people go about this love thing it is overrated. I love my business more than some woman who does not believe in the same dream as me.

So why you are here Peeps? Wishbone wanted to know.

Nazareth Island and Pinetown are close to each other. Going to Pinetown from NI was easy for Peeps. He was now staying with Wishbone and his family in the tinhouse at the back          . Peeps came to an agreement with Wishbone that he will stay at the back tinhouse. He woke up every morning and went to work. Things were looking up. Wishbone had also introduced Peeps to some people who did their business with Peeps.

                   One night Wishbone asked Peeps once again as to why he was there. He wanted to know the reason why Peeps chose to come and live there. Peeps was forced to tell him.

I am old enough now. Having practically been divorced to my wife I lived with kids at my parent`s home. I love my kids. If they needed me I had to be there for them. You know, I am also a law abiding citizen. The law took a decision that my kids should go and live with their mother. I could not take it. I could not be there when they leave my parent`s home. There is something I will never forget about my wife. “I want us to live without the other and see if we can survive or not” Those were her words. You know the irony of it is that she did not mean us living independently. She knew that there was a man she was replacing my responsibilities with. She had decided to give my kids to another man. She did not just divorce me; she took my kids too. I had to protect her at all cost. I did that with the law. I told the ladies who were looking into our case and told them that she was good with children. I knew my kids loved their mother as much as I loved her.

                   So I guess I am here to start afresh.

“I don`t think that is possible if your current girlfriend is someone from your past. What can you say about that?”

Well Wishbone, you can not be further from the truth. That is the truth. I do not know what I want from this girl. We were good before I broke up with her the first time. Right now I just do not know what I am doing with her. In my heart I know that it will never work between us but something tells me to stay a little bit longer. I know from her that there is a history of bad blood between her and my mum. She has a loud mouth. She wants to control my life and I know she is not the one. I do not love her and I do not think that it will ever happen between us.          

It is all mathematics. Life is not about women Wishbone. I am not here because my so called girlfriend is close to Pinetown. I am here because of digits. I want to do some mathematics, if you catch my drift. I hear you and yes Pinetown has not been good mathematically as I had hoped it would. I did a few jobs for some people and counted a few Mbowenis but that was not enough. I sometime had to write off some credits. I recently accepted a deal that will make me look bad because I feel I am making a deal with the devil. There is this guy Steve. He is taking over the work of some white guy, more like copying everything. He wants me to produce same stickers as the same as those used by the white guy. It is a business suicide and more of a fraud than anything. I need an artist because I can not scan that thing as it may lose its originality. I don`t have the money to do the artwork. I did a silly thing and gave him the lowest quotation and I can not go back on my word without giving back his deposit which I have used.

What you are telling me is that you are screwing up with Steve. Let me tell you a bit about Steve so that you know what you dealing with. This would kill his grandparents to make a quick buck. I had this girlfriend whom I loved very much. Steve fell in love with her even though he knew that she belonged to me. This guy was a pastor who cared about people`s monetary offerings to his church. Right now Steve is among the oldest business people in Pinetown. If he has something against you, believe me you will not win. I heard that you already know much of Pinetown`s oldest business people. What do you intend to do with what you have in your possession?

All that I have is rotten. The cabbage that I got yesterday also belongs to Steve but I am working on making DELICIOUS stew of it. You know this guy who has the kitchen next to the rank. He has asked me to make him some advertising materials and I am going to use this opportunity to make things be in my favour.

Peeps did make use of that opportunity. When the guy came to make the real business with him, he did a very good job. Jomo was so pleased with Peeps` work; he began to spread the work around that there was a new guy in town. The One and only already who was in business with Peeps confirmed this. Steve was furious when this came to his ears. He knew that the very same guy did him very bad; he had not even had a chance of telling the people who already were singing the praises of this guy. Steve was staying on the hope that Peeps would be afraid to do something bad as he was a newcomer in the town. He also knew that Peeps could not do the job on the cost they agreed upon. He could do it but it would be sloppy and no one wants to do a sloppy job and be known for the bad reputation. This is why Peeps decided not to do the work. It was Steve`s word against him.

It was not only Jomo and The One and only who sang Peeps song of praise. Many people were now acquainted with Peeps as a computer technician, graphic designer, sound and video editor and much more of that stuff. When Steve began to tell people about Peeps, he was kind of late. This was not the good news for Steve. Peeps was in trouble and he did not know how much.

Steve was busy plotting a plan for Peeps while Peeps was busy doing his job. Steve had organized some boys from Indunduma in Clermont to teach Peeps a lesson if not to put him out of his misery. Peace was amongst the man organized by Steve to his dirty job. What Steve did not know was that Peeps at some stage spent some time with Paul, his best friend. Paul loved music and this was something common between them. Peace was one way or another son of Paul; step-son so to speak. When Peace had that Peeps was going to get hurt, he secretly told him.

                                       Peeps told Wishbone and they decided that Peeps should not go to work for the few days. By this time Peeps was staying alone in the house he did not know to whom it belonged. All he knew was that the owner was a woman who got drunk like hell. Wishbone did not want Peeps to meet this woman. As for Peeps, that was a perfect arrangement. Wishbone arranged for Peeps to manage his business of Brick making. Peeps became a well known manager. The business was bad. People came to make orders of the bricks. The thing that was wrong about the business was that it had arrears and the owner was so na├»ve; he did not even have a clue. Peeps drew up a plan. He wanted to know who was owed by the business and how much was owed. With this on paper he began to draw a plan. People who came to bring new business will help in making the bricks for the old customers. At first this was good. The plan worked. When he got his own money he bought cement to make more bricks to cut off the deficit. The books were looking good and Peeps enjoyed managing this business. Then the ghost from the past attacked. People came to Wishbone with big bricks deals. He actually used the money for himself. More debts accrued and old debts were not easy to pay off.

Suddenly it was dry. No business what so ever. It was pathetic. There was nothing to wake up and go to. Peeps just stayed in the house staring at the computer; Peeps had at some stage brought back his computer from Pine Town. He began to tell people what he was actually doing. People were so much thrilled to learn that Peeps did the kind of work for which they actually went to Pinetown to get it done. Having done the business management to his satisfaction, he added the skills to his tally. With his knowledge of drawing business plans, doing business books was an added experience. People came for CVs, copies, photos, business plans, videos, computer repairs and much more. Peeps began to know more people. He did a business plan for the local ECD center; he did photo-video for a number of people.     

Things were going well for Peeps. One day while they were wining and dinning as they usually did, he learnt that Steve had told his brother about their problem. Peeps arranged with him to receive the money on his brother`s behalf. This brother was very happy that Peeps did not take the matter into the police or retaliate in the way that could have hurt his brother.

Peeps told him that he was a man of God and believed in peace for everyone. Wishbone was touched and wanted to know the story behind the man who believed in God.

“What is your story behind God?”

*          *          *          

The children had been the witnesses to the mayhem that had been going on in their home for a long time now. James was the older brother of Loozooko. They were the two sons of Angy and her husband. As far as the children could tell, this problem between their parents was the thing that had just started.

John first met Angy while she was still a school girl. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. John was not a womanizer and thinking that he was attracted to her because of lust would be telling lies. He began buying her lunches and soon they were in love. They really loved each other. Those days loving someone was very much a secret between the two parties. This relationship was under wraps. Their first kiss was a remarkable one. They were not in any rush. They took things very slowly. They were cautious about many things. Angy was still a student doing her grade 12. They knew that in a few months they would be home free.

Life works in its mysterious ways. That is how God made to be, One day Angy came from school very wet and cold from the rain that had been raining since the night before. John was going pass through her in a car when he saw her in that state. He took her to his home where he helped her dry. He offered her soup; soon they were intimately connected which lead to their first son James. Angy`s pregnancy brought along much distress to her and her sisters. Angy had to tell someone that she was pregnant. John had promised to marry her. She told one of her sisters. This sister of hers freaked out at first. Why had Angy had to be pregnant just when she was two months away from her exams? This was her question. There was nothing to do though. The damage was done. The real question was “who would bell the cat?” Their mother was a very strict woman. Ever since the death of their father she had made sure that her children knew the law that governed their home. This caused some serious fright Angy.

Finally they took upon themselves all the sisters to tell their mother. They did this because John had promised to make good of the damages. Angy`s mom showed some understanding especially in the manner in which the matter was presented to her. On the day they went to tell her Angy wet all over because of the sweat. She never saw her mother agreeing to that without first reprimanding her. John`s and Angy`s wedding was the best in the area. 

  Four years later they got their second bundle of joy. Angy was happy in her marriage. Her husband spoiled her. He reminded her every time how much he loved her. He would kiss her every minute he got.

As time went on, Angy got work and began living the life that she had not lived before. She enjoyed the moment of being able to buy something for her self and her sons. She sent her sons to the best schools there were.

When things seem to be perfect something else goes wrong. Angy had it all. She bought herself a car and soon had a license. John began being paranoid. He hallucinated about Angy doing things that she could never do; not to mention thinking about. He blamed her for doing all the right things. Soon he began saying that Angy had an affair. Angy was not happy about this as it came with physical abuse.

Angy was a person with a soft sophisticated skin that was easily affected. If John had beaten her it would take her a week or two to heal. James and Loozooko were witnesses to these events. Sometimes James fantasized about killing his father. He was psychologically dying because of this situation. One day on a Sunday while they were back from the church, they summoned their mother. They told her that they knew that she had suffered enough. They said that they won`t be disappointed if she left the house so that she can be safe from their dad. Angy was amazed at her sons. They were not very old then. James was about sixteen and Loozooko was about twelve. Angy told her sons how much she was proud of them.

She began preparing for her journey. She took only her clothes and left. It was a long way from Portshepstone to Cape Town. She had her ticket for the City to City bus. John, who was always drunk, did not know what was happening in his own home. When Angy left that Friday May 26th 2000; she cried with her sons. They all said their goodbyes. She promised to come back and take them with her. The bus left KZN for WC.

Anna lived in Khayelitsha a black township in the Cape. Anna lived with her only daughter in their three public rooms she got from the government for free. When Angy came to stay with them she was told that she would stay in the tinhouse at the back. She had no choice but to accept what ever was offered to her.

Angy soon began looking for work. She sometime had to go to bed without any food. She drew her strength from God. She believed that He would come to her rescue someday. She put out her CVs in various places of work. She had no phone and this was very much against her. Even when some people wanted her it always depended upon the person whose phone was used as a go between Angy and employers.

Loozooko and James were not happy back home. They wanted to come to Cape Town to live with Angy. James was not doing well at all. He was involved with the boys who went around robbing people and stores. He did this so as to get back at her father for physically abusing her mother. Now that the police were after him, he put more pressure on their mother to let them come to the Cape to her. Angy promised them that as soon as she got money she will send for them.

                   Things were heating up in KZN. James had no place to run to. Soon he was caught and taken to police custody. Loozooko knew nothing about this because he was already in the Cape. When their mother sent them money to come and join her, James had run away from home. It was difficult to know where he was especially since his father did not want to tell Angy where James was. He did not even visit him. He did not want to make an effort that he cared or something.

Angy never stopped looking for her son. He tried all the hospitals and other places but he was never to be found. It was like he disappeared in the thin air. Every night when they ate supper; Angy cried rivers of tears because she did not know whether her son was eating or not wherever he was.

Angy and Loozooko were introduced to a community church in Tambo square. This time Angy had her own house in Delft. At her church they knew her problems. They prayed with and for them. They even helped with some food parcels.

Eventually things got a little better. Angy got a stable job as CCW. She began earning some money every month. It was not much but she was able to buy food. She managed to buy some furniture starting with the TV set. Life shone bit by bit.

In 2006 Angy began to get an idea about James. She traced him to the police custody in Portshepstone. He was about to go out of jail on conditions. James was supposed to report to the nearest police station every day. That was his parole condition. James never followed this condition.  He got arrested again. He was kept in the nearest prison cell in Good wood. He spent the whole year there. Eventually he came back home to his mother. His mother was happy to have him at home. She spent time doing her best to make him happy. This was also especially because Loozooko was now in prison too.

                                                                     About two years back before James arrived in Cape Town Loozooko had woken up early to go and get him self some smokes. The guy he went too had just raped some local girl. This boy, Mafika told Loozooko that he was feeling for him as it was cold. He thus gave him his jacket. When Loozooko rushed home to get ready for school, he met this girl and the police who told him that he was caught for the rape of the girl they were with. Loozooko was too close to his home and his mother saw what was happening. She never went to work that day. They all went to the Delft police station where the case on Loozooko was concluded. He was officially charged and was sent to the cell in Good Wood.

Her mother was very disappointed and spent her days crying. She wanted to know why God had forsaken her. What she did not realize was that all people who ask that question were those who really were with God. One way or another God was testing her strength and belief in Him. Angy never stopped believing in God.

Even when Loozooko was sentenced to a 20 year sentence which was later reduced because of good behavior and the time he spent in the cells during his trial. He was finally given 15 years to spend in jail. When James came home Loozooko was not there.

James had this girl he loved so much. This girl also loved him very much. It became clear that she loved him when he was caught for the second time. Mary did not stop asking Angy to take her to see James. Even when Angy was not able to go to the prison Mary went there on her own. Though she tried to hide her feelings she finally crumbled. She lost her child through miscarriage. She was devastated at this.

Of all these circumstances, Angy was a strong woman. She never thought of leaving Cape Town. She never regarded herself a failure. She never came to the city to go back home having achieved nothing.

                             She had taken a long journey to Cape Town and she had something for the world. God had sent her in this city for a reason. It was not over; it was far from over for her. This is why she decided to stay a little bit longer in the Cape; especially it was easy for her to visit Loozooko in prison while she was there.



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