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my introduction to the world of fantasy and imagination
An old magical charm….

Tucked away in the corner of my room lies a large mahogany box covered by a faded piece of cloth . Inside this box resides an old special friend of mine . A silent and magical companion that I have had for as long as I can remember . This friend is none other than my collection of books . Whenever I open that box the soft old faded fragrance and the crinkly yellow pages evoke nostalgia in me . To a strangers eye this box is no different than any other box but to me it is a teleporting device nearly as magical as the wardrobe in the Chronicals of Narnia , a magical window to some cherished moments of my life.
I remember as a kid I was quite the loner and being an only child I
learned to enjoy my own company and then one joyous day I discovered the magic of reading . During a tour of my new school , our teacher opened the wooden doors of a large room lined with iron shelves , filled with books . That was the day I stumbled upon a copy of ‘The faraway tree ‘ by Enid Blyton and started reading ,for the next half an hour I had immersed myself so deeply into that fantasy world that I lost complete touch with reality .
Since that day ,books and I have shared a special relationship. Everytime I opened a copy of David Copperfield or Sherlock homes I would find myself transported
to their world .Whether it was a thrilling plot set in the victorian england or a young orphan boy’s discovery of a secret magical world , I just didn’t read the stories , I lived them . Years have gone by , my collection of books has immensely increased and even today when I yearn for an escape , I would wipe the dust of my box and out would come my magical friends ready to take me on a new journey
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