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My views on 9/11, where I was at the time, how we now have to live with the changes...
It all began on such a picture-perfect day when our world, as we knew it, came crashing down around us.  I was in the green house, snapping suckers off my tomato plants, and listening to country music when my husband came rushing in to tell me what he just heard on the car radio. We ran into the house to turn on the television, and couldn’t believe it; we both sat shell-shocked as others must have done watching the towers implod inward, into its own footprint. How can this happen?

As we watched this one lonely airplane do so much destruction, I’ll never forget that day as long as I live! Who did this horrible deed? How could anyone be so utterly insane as to commit such devastation? What a nightmare! It became a wake-up call to all Americans, we must be more alert to such things, to the people around us so this could happen again.

Many people, who were working in the World Trade Center, never suspected their day would turn into a total nightmare. I can’t even imagine their shock and horror when they saw or were told what happened. Many found out that it was worse than they expected, and must evacuate quickly. Why the twin towers collapsed so quickly made me wonder how this could be? Weren't the towers built to withstand such a thing happening? What a horrific time for the people inside  trying to escape this horror. I’m sure many were thinking, "I might not make it out alive!"

Days later, when we learn the statistics on how many died, I wept over the senseless loss that shouldn’t have been. The planes that were used as weapons of mass destruction took down these towers. What about the many unsuspecting people that booked seats on these planes? What about the horror these passengers went through when they found out their plane was being hijacked? What a terrifying last flight it must have been for them! May they all rest in peace.

The total of 2,752 senseless killings took our beloved sons and daughter, aunts and uncles, grandparents, neighbors, and friends. When the pentagon was hit, 184 more lost their lives, including a young 3-year old girl. Flight 93 was hijacked on the same day. This time passengers fought back, thereby saving the Capital from being another target, or the White House from being hit. Forty people lost their lives in a field in Pennsylvania where the last plane went down.

A memorial is being erected in memory of these brave passenger’s who fought hard to thwart the plans of these terrorist. In Manhattan, a memorial, a museum and a new skyscraper is being erected. Two reflecting pools are now located in the footprints where the towers once stood. It took ten years, with lots of disagreement over how it should be done, but completion is nearing its deadline.

Every time a person visits Manhattan today, they're reminded on what happen as you look at the New York's skyline. It’s forever changed. What was their reason for taking down the towers? Did they have something against world trade, and the different nationalities that were represented there? Why was the Pentagon a target? Is it because it’s the symbol of U.S. power where wars and peacekeeping missions throughout the world are planned?

In memory of 9/11, we have a ship called the USS New York which was made from the 15,000 pounds of steel from the remains of the towers at  Ground Zero. It has the motto of "Never Forget" on its hull and put to sea in 2009. The USS Somerset is another ship named after the county where Flight 93 went down. It was launched in 2010 in memory of the heroes on Flight 93.

These changing times call for stricter rules which are now becoming an everyday occurrence, but is that enough? How did the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber get past all these security checks? The past administration was blamed for the shoe bomber, and President Obama took the heat for the underwear bomber. I love this blame game that goes on in Washington! Each party does it, but nothing gets accomplished when they do it. You cannot under estimate these terrorist, they're smart. If they can do as much harm as possibly, they’ll try it no matter what the consequences on their part. Anything goes on ways to sneak these bombs through. That’s why they’re so hard to pinpoint while going through this gauntlet of security checks. Therefore, more planning needs to be done with different methods to catch these terrorists who really mean to do bodily harm to us.

Watch out though, under the guise of the war on terrorism, the U.S. government launched a massive attack on immigrants from Muslim, Arab, and South Asian countries. The legal framework for this attack is the USA Patriot Act of 2001, and their main target is being the suppression of dissent in the USA. It is hard to believe the Act could have been drafted, debated, and passed in only 45 days. It consist of 342 pages! Shortly after passage, our government secretly arrested and jailed more than 1200 people as part of its post-September 11 investigation. Their names, numbers, countries of origin, whereabouts, reasons for their arrest are classified information. Most of them were forgotten about with no hope of having a trial. What will happen to these people? I'm at a loss of word here on this subject.

Our Navy Seals took out Osama Bin Laden on May11, 2011, but our wars are still being fought. If I remember correctly, wasn't he the reason we went to war in the first place? But then, the reasons kept changing on why we're fighting overseas. Our soldiers are fighting bravely and willingly for our freedoms we hold so dear. I really do not know how long these foreign wars will go on, but my prayers are with these young men and women that are in harm’s way.

It has been a trying time for these United States since 9/11; we, the people, were always so trusting, but feel a lot differently now. When I think of the cost of these foreign wars, not only in money value, but in the lives of our soldiers, it becomes very overwhelming for me.

Visiting Arlington, and the other cemeteries that hold more than 6,500 troops, who fought bravely, are my heroes— These are the brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms. May they all rest in peace.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1805798