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These quotes pertain to life and belief. Some may vary.
“What is truth to one, may be a lie to another.
So if lies is what you wish for, be careful, because it may make you true.
So the truth can be won, only by an action that comes from you.”

"The earth is a single cell living in God's celestial body."

“I study everything and anything no matter the subject or interest; not to be a master of knowledge or an ego-hungry-know-it-all, but so I know what I am talking about when the time comes to speak.”

“Don’t ever contradict the words of a God, even if you do not believe in them; only fate will you have and be.”

“Some say, what is knowledge for? While other’s say, I gain knowledge to know the for.”

“Pursue the mind, and your body will soon follow.”

“Anyone can learn how to fly freely, but it’s the landing that is the hard part.”

“The selfish want their own, and the selfless they want nothing more.”

“Tripping is God’s way of getting the strong to stand back up.”

“Science can prove hard theories of the how, the weight, and measurements; but not the why. With every reason a God answers the why with common sense, because it‘s that easy to understand, and never was a theory.”

“A mans savior is a soul saved.”

“Hold the tongue of the devil, or the throat may swallow you whole.”

“There is always a cause for a greater creator.”

“The only evolution the human race has done in over four thousand years is develop the theory.”

“I respect every God, no matter how hypocritical or naive, they were once people children of a greater God too.”

“Religion to hypocritical people is like breathing, they breathe it in just like they can let it go so easily. Only those that hold their breathe taking a leap of faith know where the afterlife leads them.”

“There is evil, and God created it, so we may know difference between right and wrong, He can cleanse us, like He cleansed himself to be our God.”

“If you ask, you may receive.”
“You can rely on the sweetest of wines, or the most bitter of beers, either way, you drink how your life will be.”

“The earth is a great creation, and we, the people, do not deserve this great bounty.”

“The Big Bang Theory has a great conflict; if it created life, why is earth the only one that is habitable?”

“You do not need to enlarge the qualities of life, but the way you give quality.”

“Death to the bad is deserved, not received.”

“Punishment was the way life was created, and now consequence clenches life by the heart of goodness.”

“Don’t hold yourself back, because He never did.”

“Some hold a key, others hold the passage, love is unlocked with the two combined willingly, not forcefully.”

“Receiving judgment is a better cause than giving judgment.”

“Individuality is what makes mankind unique, removing this reveals the walking corpse.”

“Know a bound, and you will be held a bind.”

“Opinions is how empires were built.”

“The holy and the impure, are all humans. No matter the difference, we were all created for reasons beyond human comprehension.”

“The power of soul in your heart is what keeps you moving, without it, we would never accomplish anything. No matter the simplicity of the conflict given a solution.”

“A Messiah is appointed by God, yes there has only been one, but that does not mean there will never be another or more chosen.”

“There are many religious histories of the world, put them together, and you receive unbound knowledge.”

“There have been many battles in our memories, but the war has yet to come.”

“If you could rely on God like you do yourself, your life may take course for the better.”

“Belief and Force cannot coincide, that is why belief can come freely and not hostile.”

“A hostile God is a forsaken God, A punishment God is a respected God, An all loving God will exist when rid of hostility and punishment.”

“Bias does not hear opinions, and therefore fails to express them.”

“Do not take a course because of obligation, take a course for expectation.”

“Failure to express, is looking in a mirror at everyone else.”

“You cannot love something that could not recieve love in the first place.”

“Receive and you will be given a curse for more, Give and you shall receive blessing for less.”

“When death is perceived, all questions will be answered.”

“It’s impossible to feel nothing, as it is possible to decide the future.”

“Hate the creator, and you only hate yourself.”

“Illogical is coming to a conclusion without inspecting yourself.”

“Do not rely on public opinion to guide your life, for not everyone is that cursed.”

“If you have not ever studied the subject, how can you actually have a logical opinion?”

“Do not determine, instead seek to prove.”

“Many believe the Religious are violent zealots, yet the times of the violent zealots have ended; so why are the non-religious proclaiming the religious as hostile ones when they are on the attack? Belief is about peace and strategy, yet they surround us with their offenses and aggressions, and capture us one by one; to slaughter us all who believe in a better life.”

“Just because one does something, does not mean two will do the same.”

“It is not about a religion, It is about a relationship with the creator.”

“Do not encourage the right with a wrong, for it could possibly ancient a happiness.”

“Some speak only words, and others can speak only mind.”

“Do not rely on public notice for what is true, experience the truth through your own notice.”

“Those who do not believe and refuse a God, are the ones who wallow in sin, and would not dare to leave it to improve.”

“Freedom is a lost word. We are free, yet we are led and ordered by tyrants and politicians that form themselves into heretical deities that can surely only preach death to us all.”

“Currency helps create life, yet it has nothing to actually do with life itself. We are the selfish, and no matter how rich, we are robbed blind by what life truly is.”

“If you have no knowledge, you cannot determine what is wrong or right. Perhaps the story of the Garden of Eden is not too far off from our reality.”

“There was never any reason to gain intelligence, we were given it by a creator; and the intelligence itself will destroy us, sending us back to the creator.”

“Perhaps we are all wrong, and that is why we have been abandoned.”
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