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Mainly pertains to faith and life in a poetic sense.

I) Burrowed deep within thine mind is a hollow chamber, that of which is born of long passed saviors; so hallow be the known mans name, the known mans mind be the filling of the worlds forgotten hollow. The sought after of heroes and sinners plague, a sword one carries and an axe one glaives. No man so weary or distraught of this sin can read such text and relevance of the new reborn. If thy man is too great for oneself, your mind will hath hate; if your woman be to great for oneself, your mind will be drawn to fate; such power lies within texts of long ages and is tymst for the due date. Burrowed deep within your mind is the strength of common faith. Worship it, as it worships you. You will be rewarded with your lordships cups of wine made grapes. Let it flow- From the blood of man to the lords gates…

II) No greater sin borrows your soul than that of a forgotten life, of all the self-worth within time yet here you wait among strife, so forever your name be hallow and let that name be heard; yourself being known is like walking amongst a vineyard filled with sorrow and wrong. Such man or men of revelance or contempt can only becomes what was worth within their tempts. No greater of man holds lie against pledge, as you do, for what is seen in front of you is blind by your eye. Those who look for the beauty of wines shall receive the grapes to make.
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