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It's a short monologue from one of my original character (OC) named Shu.
I remembered the first time when we met each other.
At a small store, on a sunny day.
With a smile on your lips, you took me and bought me.
Although your mom was disagreed, as I was too plain and there’s nothing special from me.

Then when you decided to go abroad, you brought me with you
With a smile, you told me that
“From now on, I’ll tell you my story.”
And that ‘s really made me felt so happy
Because you’re the first person who believe me to keep your secret.

And there’s one thing that I won’r forget in the rest of my life.
That was the first day that you started to write on me.
At that day also,for the first time I got a name.
Shu, that’s how you called me.

Maybe it’s only a simple name that you gave me.
However, I really loved that name because for me,
It was a precious thing like treasure.
Something that I have to keep and to protect for the rest of my life.
As I got it from the person who called me as “my best friend”.

So, you went to your new school for the first time.
You told me what have you did at school.
You told me how they threatened you as a foreigner.
And you told me that you want to cry
when you remembered about what have been happened at school that morning.

After telling me that, I saw you cried.
I knew your burden and I knew how hurt your feeling.
Because I felt the same as you felt.
I wished I could do something to ease your pain,
but, I CAN’T!

Everynight, I saw you cried.
That happened almost about three months.
I wished that I could hugged you and said,
“It’s okay, I’ll always here for you”.
But, I CAN’T because I don’t even have a mortal body.

Then time by time have passed.
For those time,we’ve shared a lot of stories.
From the stupid-funny stories,
from the happiest moments of your days,
’till the saddest moments that made you cried.
I really wanted and wished that
you’ll always tell me what had have been happened to you everyday.

However,my wish never came true.
I remembered that day,
the day when you told me that you already had a friend.
Your very first friend in your class when you’re abroad here.
I was glad to hear that,
but there’s a bad feeling that I was afraid if it will become real.

And…my fear became real.
From that day, you never greeted me with your smile again.
You never shared your stories with me again.
And…I started to fade away from your life
because you had forget me and you only wanted to be with your friend.

With that reality,
I really wanted to sream, to mad at you
So that, you’ll notice me once more.
But, I CAN’T, with my condition like this.
Yeah, I’m only a diary,
an ordinary book.
a feeling same as what a human being has.

Later on, I realized.
It’s uselessto cry over my life because I was abook, not a human being.
Though it hard for me, the only thing that I can do is
I wished that you’re happy with your life now.
And when you need me,
I’ll always here for you because
You’re “someone special” for me…
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