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what is the meaning of basic need of human being .

This is my first attempt to describe the interaction of human desire and environment.Here I am just trying to understand and categories in a very naive way the activities we are most likely involved in.
Let there exist a company X which produces a product Y.Now to increase profit on selling Y, the company tries to make it at a cheaper cost and make it defect less.To achieve this ,Y wants the production process to be more standardized and reduce the  human factor involved in it. Now this can be really confusing to understand what this apparently simple move of X means to the economic and environmental society.First question that comes to my mind -what will happen to the people who become redundant in the production of Y.If I were one of them it  would be best if X gives me a job in the production of another product Z.Now I said standardization of Y- this will involve an external effort from outside X .This effort has a cost which must  be less than the situation if X actually continued with the old production process.This effort is actually a product say A of some other company say B.Again to increase profit which seems to be a unique attribute of all companies ,B will start the same procedure for A as X had done for Y.So  where do we stand- at any given time t, we see companies have the intension of launching new products and dispersing the human resource after them.I love to visualize it as a drop of ink dissolving in  water! An  uncontrolled and disproportionate distribution of people with  product leads to labor discontents and even up to political turmoil.But I feel these events  do not alter the general tendency of a ink -water effect I mentioned before.
By introduction of a new product I meant both launching a completely new commodity(category P) and  improvisation of quality of an existing product which involved direct human intelligence (category Q).To give an example in a 100 years framework- I can think of Apple i pod to be in  category P and todays cars in Q.Now if we look  around  one thing is clear -nothing quite decreased under Q and we have a significant increase under P – no  matter what time scale you  choose.

Getting to buy new things is good or bad may not be arouse any argument for most-but for the rest? I will write on the environmental impact in a later chapter..depending on your interest and then rewrite the whole story in an elaborate and hopefully in a more interesting way.So please give your comments and suggestions by writing back to me.

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