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A girl learns that her life isnt completely normal....but whose is?

"death is not the end of a life time...but the birth of eternity"

Chapter 1.

            I walked down the road looking around. My new neighborhood was in England, it was....darker, mysterious mostly. My father....well he does drugs and just so happens to be the dealer.My mother went of with my little brother to Germany with her new husband....and left me with my father. I heard the loud bang of a skate board and i couldnt help to look over and see a boy trying to kick flip, but failed in the process. I giggled then kept walking....i didnt get far.

                  "hey redhead!" i heard a girl yell. The name would normally make me go off on people...but this wasnt my place....yet. So instead i turned around and saw a group of girls that reminded me of the movie Mean girls, just a punk version.

                  "i have a name" i murmured lowering my eyes over to the guy who had the skate board. his dark hair covered his eyes but i could see those blue eyes watching our every move. Just so happened that a few other guys walked out the house behind him watching.

                  "ya and its redhead....would you like to be called Cunt instead?" the girl mouthed then shoved me back. I stumbled backwards but got my feet easily. This bitch did not...

                    "look i dont know you or what your problem is but it probably be best if ya left me the hell alone" i narrowed my green eyes at her then turned to walk off. I fel a hand pull me back then down.

                  "ha! i dont think so little girl" the tall girl grin mischeaveously. I felt the guys across the street tense up. the held me down while one guy walked with a crowbar over...in my direction!

                    "aw hell!" i yelled then pulled a girl's nek hard over me and got up to a crouch low to the ground i kicked at least two girl's feet from under them then stood up to the guy. he just smirked. I looked behind me but it was too late, a girl had me pinned to the ground again.The guy brought the crowbar down and i moved to the side before it hit me. Tears of anger flowed down my face onto the pavement. I bucked the girl off and looked up ready to punch someone but the skater guy stood with his arm extended to help me up. Before i took the offer i looked over at the guy, who had a crowbar, was lying on the ground with a bloody nose and black eye. I looked up at him and he smiled but i could see the devilish grin. Takin his hand he helped me up and i took a deep breath

                        "I'm sorry you had to see that.." i muttered. I watched him shrug then turn seeing his friends walk up.

                          "i'm Cody" he grinned then pointed to a tall lean blonde guy wh had a ton of homeade tats.

                            "thats corey" Corey grinned waving then Cody pointed to a short brunette guy.

                          "and thats mark" Mark just nodded. A group of girls walked out and i grinned seeing Allyson and Morgan. They both yelled my name and ran to me.

                          "oh my god Xaria!" morgan smiled hugging me. I was so glad i knew mostly everyone here!

                            "im sorry it took me so long to get here, dad just Got our crap together"i sighed hugging her. I caught Cody watching me then vert his eyes some place else. I heard my dad yell my name and i dropped my shoulders and looked down sighing heavily

                            "gotta go..." i sighed then looked up seeing those punk mean girls look alike waiting for me down the street. I noticed that they were horribly white. Shaking my head i walked down their prepared for another fight. I heard Corey whisper follow her, and i thought that was odd. Cody nodded then went around the house. It was too dark for me to see anyways. I heard a low hiss and the hair on the back of my neck rose sending chills down my spine. One thing i knew...was that was NOT a cat hiss. I felt somethin run by me behind me and i stopped in the middle of the road. The only light was a street light a block away and a man with a crowbar stood. His face was too dark but i could see perfectly, He wore a smile that read "your dead" all over it. Seeing something move i cut my eyes to the left and ducked from someone swinging superfast even for a human. It would have killed a human actually...thank god i wasnt...

  I ducked the blow but something hard hit me sending my flying across the street onto my back. Looking up i saw a blonde girl looking down on me with a disgusted look.

                  "you werewolves all have the same smell"she spat with a hiss. i jumped up to a crouch and let out a loud wolfish snarl. She took a step back knowing if i shifted i could easily kill her just because of the shift....but it would make me vulnarable.

                  "Ahhh so theres a vampire clan here in england?" i smirked playfully. She grew angry and went to attack. She went to kick me then move quickly away but i grabed her leg pulling her to me the hich kicked her away into the street light. she lay there dumbfounded. i heard something behind me then i turned but came face to face with the crowbar guy.

                  "i dont like little dogs beating up on my clan members...or my mate"he smiled tapping the crowbar.

                  "so ill teach you a lesson" he hissed walking to me. I stood up straight then shifted into a huge black sleek wolf and only my silver glowing eyes stood out.He took another step foward but a loud snarl stopped him. I rose an eyebrow watching as Wolves surronding us stepped out of the shadows into the light. Loud growls, snarls and snapping jaws filled the air. The man froze then relaxed "oh my.....seems as the family is here....cmon corey you hardly kow her and sticking up for her?" he turned to a sandy blond wolf who stood by a black wolf  to his left then a white one to his right.

  The male seemed alpha but so did the other two. Finally i realized it was corey from earlier. GRinning i laid my ears back and snappe my jaws at the guy who went to raise the crowbar. He jumped back and hissed.

                        "your safe now but ill get you later"he growled then he vanished and so did his little friend, or mate. I saw corey and the two other alpha's look at me and so did the rest of the pack.I saw the confused look in his eyes already. The black wolf next to him threw his head back and raising his upperbody like he was biting into the air above him. I watched as a thin ring around all the wolves appeared and we all stood in human form. I looked down amazed. The ring was hazing and it was spiritual. I looked up at Corey and he smiled.

                            "Welcome to the pack Xaria" he smiled. i stood dumbfounded in my place.

Chapter 2.

I woke up in my bed and just laid there. I knew my dad was gone already for "work". Last night all i remeber was getting accepted into the pack.I walked to the kitchen and yawned looking for food. i found a bag on the table that had McDonalds on it with a note.

                            Here's some breakfast come to my place later...id like                                                                  to get to know my newest member


I smiled then opened the bag and pulled out my breakfast. "yummy" i grinned biting into it. After a while i cleaned up then took a shower and walked over to Corey's. Knocking on the door i heard a "it's open" so i just walked in. I smelt an earthy storm smell...it was clean and i loved it! I walked down the hall then me and cody ran into eachother. He smiled and hugged me.

                      "morning sleepy head" he said softly. i looked around noticing everyone was gone. i looked up at him and of course reading my mind he spoke.

                      "they all went on thier morning run. Corey figured you'd stop bye so he told me to stay. Enjoy breakfast?" he grinned. i went to speak but i looked at him with a curious smile. He shrugged and sat down on the couch smiling like a fool then patted the seat next to me. I sat down next to him and watched as the movie Insideous began. He wrapped a arm around me Because i jumped at a scary part. I laid my head against him feeling awkwardly attracted towards him.I heard people laughing outside and walk in the door. Corey walked in first smiling. Morgan looked at me grinning then some brunett girl walked in, saw cody and me then cut her eyes at me. Cody chuckled then stood up greeting the others. I shrugged and stood too.

        "everybody this is xaria" Corey pointed to me. The brunett grew balls and spoke up. "lets see what she can do." she turned with her arms crossed and walked out to the back into a large open field. I followed the pack and they made a large ring around us. I could feel the tension. once the girl shifted i did to. She circled me then jumped at me. i dodged her blow then grabbed her by her scruff and pulled her into the ground hard. I heard corey shout "use all the power you can!" and the girl summoned water as her element and put me in a cage of it. i linguired drowing then my eyes opened and the fire burned and picked at her skin making a circle around her burning. she yelped and the water ball that held me captive fell. she snarled and crouched infront of cody protectively. i tilted my head then stood up straight hardly noticing my natural born alpha look. Cody's eyes lit and i felt a twing in my hackles and chest. Corey's head snapped up and yelled "who imprinted!!" angrily everyone looked around feeling the strong emotion. i watched cody while lowering my head. The girl grew furious.

          "it was cody and Xaria!! I WAS SUPPOSED TO IMPRINT WITH HIM!!"she grew furious then attacked me outta anger...all i could think was....god.....people hate me.. i shook my head feeling cody inside my head turning sharply i ran into the forest easily dissapearing...


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