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No sugar coating on anything she says.
We've all known tongues so razor sharp

they cut right to the bone

Danger hidden in a smile

we really thought we'd known

A sharpened tongue, so oft in stealth,

is surgical in scope

It seeks specific targets

and leaves one with the hope,

That he survives the full onslaught

of the wielders touch

Maybe, blood is left enough,

to escape her clutch

Now I've a friend who's tongue's not sharp

in the classic fashion

But get her on her horse just right,

her words are simply smashin

When at peace, she's all kid gloves,

a lady, prim and proper

But get her knickers in a twist,

there's no real way to stop 'er,

From saying anything that drops,

unfiltered, to her mind

Subtlety  will never be

a tool that she can find

The sticks and stones of mocking verse

matched by her verbal hammer

Are smashed aside in weltered words,

makes the hammered stammer

Bruised and battered enemies

bear witness to the drama

Counselor may need be called,

to heal the blunt force trauma

Richard Higley © Aug 2011
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