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by Lovina
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A Salute to the Color Green
The color that stands for life,
Be it plant, human, or wildlife.

It embodies youth, inexperience,
For all those in need of guidance.

Currency is sometimes called thus,
Often referred to as good business.

Occasionally uttered in place of hemp,
And can be looked upon with contempt.

Environmentalists use it to mean compliance,
Requesting people act with prudence.

A plot of land can be given this moniker,
Now and then seen with wonder.

To the driver this means time to go,
Not red or even yellow.


A shade of many meanings,
Aliases, monikers, and leanings.

Resplendent in its own right,
Alone it can be quite the sight.

Even more wondrous when paired,
Put together and shared.

Other colors only enhance,
Brighten as if by chance.

A color quite often used and seen,
Though credits seldom given to green.
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