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I've left my gardens behind and it hurts my heart
My Gardens Are Gone
"I Remember When"

My Gardens are gone, from my view at least.                              
I left them alone and let the deer have a feast.                              
I couldn’t keep up the work anymore.                                        
My wife had left me behind, like never before.                              

I wanted to stay and continue to work.                                        
I felt so betrayed, alone, and a real jerk.                                        
Years of toil and baking under the sun,                                        
Years of back breaking work sprinkled with fun.                              

I know that the flowers and trees will miss me.                              
My spirit was broken and I had to flee.                                        
It may be a jungle or burnt to the ground.                              
I’m sure the birds miss me, but I can’t be found.                    

The beauty that was, may never again be seen?                              
Who knows if a fool like me will come on the scene?                    
I feel guilty for letting it all go to waste.                                        
Sometimes I do think that I may have left in haste.                    

The bank now owns this wonderful piece of my heart.                    
My dislike for the giant banks is off the chart.                              
What will become of my lovely friends that I left?                    
I’ll get over it in time, but now I’m bereft.                              

I’m done creating beauty with the sweat of my brow.                    
It broke my heart to leave that place in the here and now!          
I see the many pictures of the past five years.                              
It gives me little joy and brings me close to tears.                    

I’ve got to move on to something really new.                              
Your guess is as good as mine, what I will do?                              
Chin up, tough it out, you are a strong, tough man.                    
It will come quickly to you – the brave new plan.                    

LeBuert  August 2011
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