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Writer's Cramp Entry - Prompt = 11:11am 11/11/11
Soon, very soon. She could feel it deep in her bones, her internal clock ticking down. The time has finally come, judgment day for the humans and she is to be the judge, jury…and the executioner.

Father had sent her to this planet some time ago, to learn, in order that she could properly evaluate the species. It was up to her whether or not the human race would be allowed to continue on their current path or if they needed to be eliminated.

The rules were clear, if the species appeared to be of a violent nature and posed a threat to any of the various species in the many universes then they would be exterminated and the planet turned over to a more viable alternative. If the species showed tendencies towards more desirable traits then they would be educated and allowed to interact with others.

Their technologies have advanced to a dangerous level; soon they would know for certain that they are not alone in the universe. Time for the judgment has arrived.

Modifications done at the embryonic level, the parents randomly selected, the seed planted unbeknownst to the prospective new Mom and Dad, and born as any other human child. Only upon the death of her human body would she regain the knowledge of her reason for being there. She spent a mere nineteen years as a human.

Now she lay buried in the earth, a shroud of white wrapped tightly around her as her physical body underwent some very drastic changes. The wings growing out from along her spine were almost fully formed, wrapping themselves around her as they grew to the proper proportions, creating a soft and comforting fur blanket to soothe and relax her body as well as her mind.

Her teeth have already finished their transformation. The canines were now a full inch in length and extended to a razor sharp point. The nails on her hands and feet were now more like claws, sharp, and fully functional. Her eyes would take the longest, as they were the most difficult. When finished they would look like prisms, clear yet full of every color in the rainbow. She would be able to see farther, and have clarity of focus on distant objects, something unheard of in any human.

Of course, the humans have seen her kind before. A muffled sound came from her shrouded mouth as she remembered the pictures she had seen. Pictures of what the humans perceived when they saw others of her species. Wings made of feathers (as if a mammal could actually grow feathers!), eyes with pupils resembling a snake, and elongated teeth used to suck human blood (eewww!).

Humans were so primitive in their beliefs, yet frightfully close to discovering some truths with their science. There was no time for their belief system to evolve and catch up to their scientific achievements though. For as soon as she was buried in the nourishing earth her true self had awakened. The mutant cells implanted into her DNA from the time of her human body’s creation had already awoken and started the transformation as soon as the human part of the body had died.

Unfortunately, healing the wounds caused by her untimely death added additional time to her awakening. No matter, she felt this only gave her the opportunity to choose the perfect time for their judgment, playing into their primitive superstitions nicely.

Judgment day would be exactly eleven minutes after the eleventh hour in the morning of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of this year, the year 2011.

Her brother had come before her, not too long ago in her world, but many lifetimes ago for the wretchedly short lifespan of the lowly humans. They had treated him just as poorly and he forgave them, allowing them to progress on their natural path without outside interference. That had been his assessment of the humans.

He had done them no favors.

Being female was obviously even more of a detriment in human society then a harbinger of truth. She had followed all of the rules, even bowed to the supposed male superiority, but that did not save her. After being defiled by a male she had been stoned to death. He, the one that had actually broken the law, was given a verbal reprimand.

But soon, very soon now, these pitiful humans will have their judgment day, and they will finally get to meet…the daughter.
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