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by Jinxx
Rated: E · Chapter · Fantasy · #1808683
This is part 5 of my BVB story, Get Jinxxed. Enjoy
I stopped myself before saying anything more to him.

How do I tell him? What do I say? When I tell him, will he like me back or will he hate me?

I looked at Jinxx again and saw what was making me fall for him. It was everything about him. He was funny, sweet and cute. I would do anything to have him with me.

I saw him rub the scar on his arm and I sighed, clearing my mind again.

“Jinxx…” I started out again.

Jinxx didn’t say anything. Just stared at me, like he could see right through me.

“I-I….um…I…I…” I stuttered

“You like me, don’t you, Rae.” Jinxx asked.

My mouth was frozen shut before I could say something.

How did he know I was going to say that?

I nodded slowly and looked away a bit.

“The truth is, I…I really like you too….” Jinxx said, rubbing the back of his head and blushing a dark red.

I quickly looked at him again and gasped silently.


Andy, Ashley, Jake and Christian all were hiding outside of my room, listening to Jinxx’s convocation and mine.

“Dude, I told you he liked her back.” Jake hissed at Ashley.

Ashley just rolled his eyes and punched Jake on his shoulder.

“You two, Shut up.” Andy whispered.


“Y-You do?” I asked, blushing.

Jinxx just nodded and locked his eyes with mine.

“You’re an amazing person, Princess. You really are. You’re a delicate, kind, sweet, loving and caring young girl. You are very talented, and you are an excellent fighter.” Jinxx said, taking my hand in his.

I stared at the man that was finally mine. There was no more wall standing between me and him because I broke through it. I finally found my other half who has the end to that red string that is tied around my pinkie.

“I love you, Rae.” Jinxx said, pulling me into a hug.

I was no longer afraid of touching him. All of my fears melted away like snow.

I hugged him back tightly .

“ I love you too, Jinxx.” I said, burying my face in his chest.

Jinxx rubbed my head and kissed my hair.

“You amaze me, Rae.”

I blushed and slowly pulled myself away from his arms.

Jinxx slowly leaned forward and whispered in my ear, ‘Don’t move.”

I did what he said and he slowly pressed his lips against mine and he kissed me.
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