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Who's looking out for us?
In her upstairs bedroom, Emily Addaggio positioned herself at the floor mirror, tilted in its carved wood frame with two gilt angels perched at the top. She often imagined the angels were her mother and her, especially since the day a year ago when her mother actually became one. Emily regarded herself in the mirror and saw her mother still there, standing behind her, reaching around to adjust a fold in Emily’s dress, then flashing a reflected beam of adoration straight into her daughter’s eyes. A legend, she was saying to Emily. At this dance, you’ll become a legend.

Her mother’s image vanished when Walter Addaggio’s voice boomed up from the bottom of the stairs. “I’m heading to the store to shop for dinner,” he shouted.

Emily sighed, walked out to the landing, and looked down at her father. She struggled to keep exasperation from flooding her voice. “I told you, Daddy,” she said. “No dinner for me. I’m going out with Jeffrey. He’ll be here in twenty minutes.”

Walter looked up at his daughter and said, “You sure?” He almost added, “The guy didn’t show last time,” but instead slowly closed his mouth.

Emily stared down at her father. “He’ll be here,” she said. “I’m sure.”

Forty minutes later, Emily was looking at herself again in the mirror, considering the cotton scarf she was using to cover up her short mouse-brown hair. If only she could cover her boring brown eyes, with their short lashes. She shifted her glance slightly, looking for her mother’s image, but her mother was gone.

Emily heard a car door slam at the street, then the creak of the gate at the front sidewalk. She smiled and headed for the stairs as Walter Addaggio walked toward the front door, carrying dinner groceries for two.

(Word count: 300)

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