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Ten Green Bottles, but a little different
Ten Green Bottles

Once upon a time there were ten green bottles, and they lived upon a wall. It was a high wall, and they had a marvellous view around. They lived a carefree life with not a worry in the world.

Then one day, one of the bottles... well, it accidentally fell. It was the youngest, and most clumsy of them all. It was playing innocently, but too close to the edge. There was nothing the others could do... Nothing but watch their young sibling plummet to the ground below. Now there were just nine green bottles, living on the wall...

The family was very upset, and held a moving memorial service for the young bottle. Touching, heartfelt words were spoken, and tears fell as the sorrow overwhelmed them all... They came to the end of the ceremony, and the eldest gathered the wreath with the youngest's name woven into it, and took it to that fateful spot to throw over the side... Suddenly a gust of wind blew, and the eldest green bottle had a terrible accident too... Down and down he fell, his young life terribly lost also. Now, just eight green bottles stood upon this wall, silent in the shock of what had happened.

These bottles were scared and angry, they weren't thinking clearly now. An argument broke out. It was a terrible argument, and many harsh words were said, accusations hurled... violence began. Then, the inevitable. It was an accident, of course, but one green bottle was too close, precariously so... it fell, just as had its siblings... fell screaming in rage, and hurt... this wasn't supposed to be the way!

Seven. Seven green bottles now, standing on the wall. Seven standing, still, shocked and silent again. They went to the edge to look over, hoping against hope that their brother had survived somehow. No! Not again! One slipped, the brick's corner crumbling away! Over the edge and tumbling away, not making a sound. She couldn't believe it... She was always so careful and yet still...

Six were left now, still standing upon this wall. The day had started so well, and almost half of them had been lost in such a short time. They needed to work together, to watch each other's backs! This was not going to continue, it couldn't. Could it? There was a whistling sound, like someone blowing across the top of a... no, no it couldn't be!

Nobody saw what happened. Nobody could be blamed. But another green bottle had accidentally fallen There were just five green bottles standing on the wall and something needed to be done. A smaller wall, so they couldn't fall, perhaps... or maybe holding each other's hands would be a start so they could be pulled back from the certain death over the side. They tried this, and tested it...

There are now four green bottles, standing on the wall. They are depressed and feeling so stupid. How could their plan have worked? They are bottles! They don't even HAVE hands! One wandered away from the others to ponder their fates, kicking at a pebble he found. The pebble skitted across the wall, but alas! The bottle forgot he had no legs. Overbalancing, the bottle toppled, and rolled. Rolled right over the edge and down, his fate sealed just as the others' had been.

Three left now, but one had seen its brother rolling, and ran as fast as it could, desperate to save him... too late though, it was no good. And too fast, for this bottle could not stop... one more bottle had accidentally fallen. Two green bottles were left standing on the wall.

Two green bottles, standing on the wall. They looked at each other, and huddled together. This was a terrible day indeed. There had been so little warning, nothing could have prepared them for the events... they huddled closer, seeking comfort in each other’s arms… but too late they remembered! Two green bottles, one was standing, the other had slipped down, toppling past its sibling there as it cursed the world for creating bottles with no arms! Once, twice, three times it bounced before the edge took it. Down this bottle spun, helpless against gravity and the humour of the gods. she saw her family below before the end took her, her remains mingling unrecognisably with the others.

One green bottle, alone now. Night was falling. Scared, alone, it didn't know what to do. It slunk back from the dreaded edge, as far as it could.it was tired, so tired. Sleep called it, and it could not refuse. Into a nightmare-filled realm of horror and loss this bottle was drawn, a nameless, faceless something laughing there in the distance, beaconing it towards its doom... The bottle floated, helpless against this demon, terror filling it to the brim...

Awake, suddenly, the last bottle felt despair grip it. Weightless still, it had clearly rolled in its sleep. In the darkness of the night it never saw the ground reach up and embrace it, joining it with the others...

No green bottles, standing on the wall, for each one did accidentally fall...
I predict a song will come of this, a lamentable tune giving anguish and suffering to all who hear it, as is only right... These bottles must not be forgotten.
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