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IISCon CISP is a useless certificate in market, nothing to feel proud about it
IISCon's Cisp is lame, nothing International about it.

IISCon is:

1)registered by Sanjay Vinze(IIT Alumni, Mehta's friend) in Indiana.

2)has 0 employees, and no physical existence

3)website maintained by Kyrion for all false informations

4)nothing is done from USA, alls done by Kyrion Digital Securities

5)President, Financial Head, Technical head of IISCon are all randomly selected person who have nothing to do with it.

Kyrion Digital Security did a successful multi million fraud this summer in three well-known cities of India(New Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai) in the name of a US based company IISCon.

It was only in Delhi that students raised doubts on the company, later it was found out it was all a game played by Kyrion, which they now claim as a marketing stunt irrespective of the fact that students' career were threatened, money and most importantly time were wasted.

Legal Action? tell me about it.

Press, Media and Police all wanted more investigations from students to act on the matter; and students couldn't afford to come to delhi every week for hearing, You all know how the system works, so the smart students took a deal from the company and decided to keep quite. Some extra smart ones decided to still appear for the exam of CISP and other fools whose ego were hurt, neither sat for exam nor talked even about any refund.

No action was taken and now its all legal and fair just because this is the way business is done, and it was all a marketing stunt, this was admitted by the owner of Kyrion.

Sandrock and other simialr companies are on the go, ethical hacking sounds cool so no one will think twice before encouraging such fraud people by doing business with them.

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