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by Nikki
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A young girl is dragged into her dream which side will she choose
The Dream
Chapter 1
Living and the dead

As a very young girl i had a dream it seemed so real and every time i woke up in a terrible sweat i was a princess in a beautiful castle and everyone loved me in the dream the king my father was a kind and powerful man every time i looked at my reflection i noticed i had pearls wrapped around my neck and i'm always in a long flowing dress as i got older the more dreams i had it was weird soon i started dreaming of a war that started and had to be rushed out of the castle by the king he explained "This is my captain he'll protect you princess Sarah please go and make sure you never return." I never understood what he said but all i did was nod and while the war started that night i was awoke by people screaming in the night The kings captain ran into my room in the castle and begged my to flee that night as the invasion reached the castle Myself and the captain fled through a secret underground tunnel as we reached the forest at the end of the tunnel i turned back and to my horror the castle and peoples home was on fire people were screaming and crying and trying to flee to save their family's i stood in shock but the captain turned around and grabbed my wrist "you can not do anything to help them if you go back then you fall into there trap your father has explained that i must get you somewhere save." i looked back and he pulled me away into the forest until we found a clearing deep in the heart of the forest where you couldn't hear people screaming and crying. i looked at the captain and replied softly "Why has these people attacked us." The captain looked at me and sighed "Look Princess i tell you this the war started because them people who attacked you and your father are evil they do the dark arts because they found out about you, you are the princess that can either bring peace and harmony to all the kingdom or bring about the evil that eventually will consume everyone from this point on you can trust no one but yourself." i looked at him as the clearing began to shake i surprised at what was happening tried to steady myself, The captain yelled and pulled out a bottle he rushed to my side as voices grew louder around the clearing there was a flash of light and i screamed as the ground stopped shaking they were surrounded by dozens of hooded people the captain shielded me as best as he could and unstopped the bottle one of the people stepped forward and everyone held there breath Captain you can not escape give me the girl and no one else will be hurt." Sarah looked at the hooded man but the captain looked at him hatefully and shouted "never Lucien." I gasped i have only heard of one person called Lucien and he was evil he had always been jealous of her father and his kingdom. Lord Lucien removed his cloak and looked at the captain "You shall die if you do not move and that would be unreasonable as i would be honored to have you in my army now that the king is dead." I didn't realize what i was doing suddenly i moved forward wanting to hurt the man who caused all this pain to every one a few of the people laughed and the rest looked at me. With my sudden movement Lord Lucien's interest moved from the captain to me " Ahh your majesty." he replied with a smirk and a little bow, "I'm sorry to be a bearer of bad news but your father put up a very good fight do not abandon your people now there king is dead." I cried out and started for him again to hurt him but the captain stopped me "No princess hes baiting you don't listen to him." and i stopped Lord Lucien looked angry "i have no other choice but to kill you." He clicked his fingers and the people around the clearing started slowly towards them.Suddenly there was a very bright light that shot out of the forest and closed around myself and the captain and the captain turned to me and passed me the bottle he had still he said " Here princess drink this before it's too late." i put the bottle to my lips and a few moments later a dropped to my knees it felt if my whole body has turned numb as the light faded Lord Lucien came forward and lifted the captain in the air he was in a rage "What have you done to her." he yelled i looked at him as my body dropped onto the ground he didn't say anything and had his people take him away he rushed to me "What have he given you?" he yelled i shook my head as he called someone over and said "It's to late my Lord shes going." he stood and scolded "I want to know where shes going now." suddenly my legs and torso had started to disappear i wasn't afraid even though i didn't know what was happening i said as loud as i could "mark my words i will avenge my father Lucien and i will take my rightful place and you will bow before me...."

I woke up shaking and panting sweat had yet again broken over me as i sat up it was five o'clock in the morning and all was quiet. i sat there listening to anything as i calmed myself soon i realized i was in my bed my mother and father in there bed fast asleep i pushed back the covers and went to my window and looked over the dark street the only light there was that came through my window the from the street lamps from below i took a deep breath and returned to my bed and closed my eyes and soon fell asleep again. A couple of hours later my mother came in and woke me up. "good morning honey." She went to my window and threw my curtains so my room flooded with the morning sun i got up and went to my joining bathroom to change to my school i had only a few weeks of school left and went downstairs to have my breakfast as i entered the kitchen my mother was at the cooker and my father was at the table with a cup of coffee and the morning paper i walked over to the table where my cereal and juice waited as i ate i was in my own little world thinking about the dream last night thats the furthest my dream has ever taken me until my mother snapped me back to reality"Are you alright darling?" my mother asked when i didn't realize she was talking to me i nodded and said i was only tired and she reminded me that i was going to miss my bus for school so i got up got my dinner money and walked towards my bus that stopped outside my home as i got onto the bus and sat down waiting for my best friend to get on Amanda plonked on the free seat at the side of me and i started to recount the dream i had she seemed to just say "Dreams is an archway of our past lives sometimes we can actually see what our past lives were like everyone had one but some people just didn't except it and ignore it." we discussed it until the bus stopped outside the school and stood up to leave and meet our other friends Elizabeth, Kelly and Bonnie stood at the entrance to wait for us "Come on otherwise were gonna be late for home room." i smiled if she was late again Mr Romeo was going to send her to the head master for been late three times in a week. as we walked to my locker my friends were gossiping about what was new around the school who went out with who, who had been giving detention and what was going in the school with the end of year dance was coming up i had already been asked by the most handsome boy in the school and even my friends where jealous as i got some books for my lessons for the day.I went to start my first lessons of the day which was music as i walked in i noticed Jodie Livingston and her friends as i walked in and took my seat one of Jodie's friends spotted me and whispered in Jodie's ear, Jodie smirked and said "hmm well look who walked in a boyfriend stealer." And a few people laughed, she only acted this way because she and Micheal used to be an item and the end of last term Micheal found out that Jodie was cheating with high school jock Steven Wayland and ended it she was heartbroken she become more upset when she was told Micheal had invited me to the end of year dance. i stood up to face her and replied "Micheal for your information asked me to the dance and i'm no boyfriend stealer did you forget why Micheal left you in the first place i wonder where Stevie is. " more people laughed at this and Jodie went so red it looked like she had been standing in the sun for too long. Before she had a chance to retort Mrs Round walked into the classroom " Right girls i know you've been practicing very hard but i'll tell you who'll be our singing sensation who's going to open the end of the year dance if i read your name of the paper stand up in front of the class until i tell you otherwise right Amy, Debbie, Jodie, Louise and Sarah please make your way up to the front the rest of you carry on with the music you have created. I walked to the front with the others Jodie leaned towards me and whispered " You won't burst into tears when you find out that i will take the top spot and you will do what i say understand." she smirked as i replied " We will have to see don't get your hopes up." and i smiled at her she turned away in disgust and Mrs Round made her way to us after she said what she expected from the others "Right girls as you know there will be only two places and theirs four of you i will personally get you to preform one at a time and the best two with be picked the other two will be your understudy understand." I nodded and glanced at Jodie who smirked my way i ignored her after we started the four of us stepped up and began to sing as i was last when i finished there was five minutes to the bell and Mrs Round stopped everyone and explained to us that they would find out at dinnertime who would qualify. i walked out with my books under my arms to my next lesson with Mr Foster as the day wore on i told my friends of what Jodie said to me they were gobsmacked and told me to ignore her as she was jealous i took there advise and at dinnertime went into the cafeteria for dinner with my friends as soon as i entered i saw Jodie at the jocks table surrounded by not only Steven Wayland but his friends as well i walked over to the que to get my food i tried to keep calm as Micheal fought his way through the crowd to me and smiled "Hi Sarah are you going to sit with me this afternoon." and i blushed and nodded and people in the que made some noise and Jodie's table looked our way and saw Micheal talking to me she decided that she and two friends to come our way.Micheal's smile disappeared "Hi Micheal how are you?" Jodie asked and smiled my way as her two friends sniggered Micheal shrugged and said he was okay "Wish me luck that i am going to be opening the end of the year dance if your lucky i can drop Steven and go with you i shouldn't have hurt you like i did i'm sorry." and she smiled in a way that made men go gaga Micheal shook his head and looked at me "hmm good luck Jodie and to Sarah." and she lost her smile and looked daggers at me "and for going to the dance I've already asked Sarah and she's agreed." and he smiled at me Jodie became enraged and Micheal tried to get in the que with me but she wouldn't move she looked at him and replied quiet enough for only me and Micheal to hear. "But Micheal if you go with her i'll make sure that you will be miserable don't worry." Micheal raised his eyebrow and replied "How dare you Jodie you was the one that cheated on me not the other way round don't come over here and tell me who or who not got to the dance with oh look here's your lover now excuse me. He added and joined me in the que. Jodie gave me a very hateful look and Steven came to ask if Micheal was bothering her,she looked around us again and walked over in the corner near the que so she couldn't be overheard. "Are you alright Sarah." i nodded and replied "shes been like this since one of her girlfriends came running over all out of breath to her locker and told her you asked me to the dance Jodie looked like she was going to kill me." all he did was nod as we got and paid for our food as we made our way to a table my friends were sitting at Steven made his way the table "Hey Micheal you keep away from my girl ya hear." i glanced toward Jodie and saw she was laughing Micheal stood up and faced him " Well tell your girl to keep away from me then i don't want her anymore." this made Steven even more angry and said " Don't you dare slag my girl off." he had his hand clenched into fist ready for to attack him i got up calmly and he seemed taken aback "i would like to say that girl your with is here asking my boyfriend to take her back or otherwise he would be made miserable." he looked at me and turned and walked away. Micheal whispered his thanks and we returned to our food after we all walked towards the the music classroom to see if i had made it as i approached Jodie,Steven and there friends walked by Jodie didn't even look at me and carried on when i got the the sheet saying who got what part my heart leapt i knew now why Jodie didn't say anything she was embarrassed because i and Amy had made it and that meant that Louise was Amy's understudy and Jodie was mine with the crowd around many people congratulated me and even told me that Jodie threw a fit and even went to Mrs Round who came up because she thought that she mistaken me for her. the next time i saw her she didn't even throw an insult at me as the day ended and at three o'clock the last bell rang and i made my way towards my locker to put my books away as my friends said goodbye and they'd see me tommorow Amanda slouched towards her locker at the side of mine and told about her lousy day not five minutes later Micheal turned up "Are you getting on the bus?" i nodded and said "okay i'll sit next to you." Amanda slouched off towards the bus when she heard this i had an impression that she was jealous as me and Micheal climbed on the bus and took the seats in front of Amanda and we had a very nice discussion " I'm sorry about Jodie she very temperamental at the moment you know with the dance." and he surprised me by laughing "whats so funny?" i asked and he replied that she hadn't looked that upset since he broke up with her and suddenly turned and asked "Well now you told everyone your my girlfriend we might as well be a couple." i looked at him and blushed, Micheal laughed again "You look so innocent but your very pretty i wanted to go out with you before but never had the courage to ask you i was friends with Jodie before we got together i asked her to give you a letter i wrote for your eyes only that she took it and read it to all her girlfriends she was so jealous that she said you passed her the note and ripped it up and said you weren't interested." i looked at him he looked upset and said "listen you found out what a dirty little liar she was she didn't want you she only had you so i didn't have you." He nodded in agreement and didn't say anything until it was my stop he leaned over and kissed me full on the lips by the time we parted i was blood red and people on the bus started whistling our way i got up said bye to Amanda and Micheal and as the bus pulled up my house Micheal whispered in my ear "i can't wait to see you at school." and the bus doors opened and i walked towards my house i looked back as the bus pulled away i waved,Micheal waved back but Amanda just glared at me.
As the weeks past my dreams still came to me and my best friend Amanda eventually stopped talking to me when Micheal was around the next day after Micheal had kissed me on the bus everyone knew we was together even Jodie found out and had something to say but i ignored her until it was five days before the end of year dance and when i walked into my music class and laughter followed me even when i sat at my desk Jodie reached over and said "had another dream today little princess." i whipped around and before i could get up Mrs Round walked in and gave out the days assainment i looked out of the window and saw dark clouds carrying rain,thunder and lightning thats just how i feel and i sighed at break i hunted for Amanda i couldn't believe she told Jodie about my dream, Micheal looked for me as i didn't meet him in the cafeteria "whats the matter why didn't you meet me and your friends at the cafeteria." i looked at him and asked "Have you seen Amanda." Micheal shifted his gaze and looked away " Micheal do you know where she is?" i asked again Micheal nodded but still didn't reply i folded my arms under my breasts and said "Well where is she." Micheal shook his head and replied " Shes in the upstairs bathroom." I looked completely shocked the only people who went into the upstairs bathroom were Jodie and her beehive who went in at dinner and break to have a fag. "What is she doing upstairs." i asked "well since you've been with me....well my honest opinion is that shes jealous." I turned without another word and headed straight upstairs while Micheal tagged along behind me saying not to do anything stupid i didn't reply i walked straight to the first bathroom as i knew Micheal could not follow the stench of cigarettes was in the air and i forced myself on i had never entered this bathroom because it was know by everyone in school this was the smokers bathroom " Did you see Betty today she said she looked pretty ha she looks like a frog." a lot of laughter followed this until they spotted me i held my head high and looked over people until i found what i came for i grabbed Amanda and lead her to the exit as i was leaving Jodie found her tongue "ohhh look princess and the frog." i shut the door but i could still hear the roar of the other girls laughter i turned and faced my so called best friend and glared at her "How could you go behind my back and slag me off to them of all people why did you do." Amanda noticed Micheal in the corner looking at us."Y..you know why." I felt my angry rise "Why because you wanted Micheal to ask you to go to the dance with him." She blushed bright red and even as i turned towards Micheal he to had rosy cheeks before she could reply i turned on my heel towards my next lesson i couldn't be bothered about wasting another breath on her Micheal eventually caught up with me and said "It's alright Sarah it'll work itself out she come to apologize." i nodded yes he is right,Micheal came close to me and kissed me on the lips there was a lot noise of wolf whistles and he did it when Jodie and her beehive was walking to class."Ohhh look my boyfriend STEALER." Micheal released me and turned to Jodie "Shall i tell everyone of what a lying cheat bitch you are Jodie because for 1. you wasn't my first choice Sarah was but you told me she wasn't interested in me no it wasn't true 2. You had one of your girlfriend spy on me while you lied to me by saying you had extra curriculum lesson after school another lie you was with Steven Wayland who you were having sex in gym because i walked in on you." Everyone went so quiet that everyone jumped as the bell rang for next lesson. All through the next to lessons all i could do was smile until it was after dinner and got summoned to the headmasters office i didn't understand but i stood and made my way to my locker and put my books away as directed by my teacher and as quickly as possible arrived at the headmasters office. i knocked on the headmasters office and waited until i was told to come in straight away the headmaster indicated for me to sit opposite him he looked very troubled "Well i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your parents have been in a accident." i was stunned i could hardly breathe but i managed to get a few words out."Are they alright?" the headteacher shook his head "No i'm sorry all i know is that your parents car was turning off a street and a car lost control smashed not only your parents car but a few others as well both your parents are dead."i was silent the scream that came out of my mouth the next time i opened my mouth was shrill and high pitched the headmasters receptionist came in and said that someone was here to see me "just a moment please Mabel as you can see there's a troubled girl here take her to your office and get her to drink something and Sarah i'll call Mabel and bring you in here to discuss what your doing from here." i stood as Mabel helped me out of the office and into hers she made me a hot cup of chocolate and made me sit down as she sat behind her desk taking calls it wasn't long until the headmaster called me back in his office "please sit."i did what i was told "Right Sarah this is Mr Land he is going to be in charge of you until you move else where any questions." i shook my head i didn't want think it was like living in a nightmare." Right that makes things a bit more easier right there is a few papers that we all have to sign but if you don't understand i explain it to you okay." i nodded after half an hour at signing some papers and the headteacher explained it "Right looking at the time with the bad news i will let you go early as there's no sense in having you wait half an hour until school ends good luck for the future Sarah i'm sorry for your losses." and that was that after all that Mr.Land hadn't spoken to me at all the time i was in the room but he looked at me and opened the door and waited i rose out of my seat and followed him silently to his parked car and i paused i forgot Micheal i couldn't leave without saying goodbye i didn't know where i was going Mr Land looked at me and replied "Whats the matter." as he unlocked his car and put his briefcase "My boyfriend doesn't know anything about this i can't just leave without saying goodbye he'll worry about me." Mr Land looked at me and replied " Don't worry your headmaster will tell your closest friends and your boyfriend about the accident and that you don't know where your going as well, now please quickly get in the car before we can you to a safe place." i couldn't believe what he was saying was i in danger "What do you mean get me to a safe place,am i in danger?" he looked at me and replied "well hang about if you want find out yourself if not hurry up i am on a schedule so can you hurry up i'll explain on the way." and he jumped gracefully into his car and soon got in the front seat next to him he told me to put my seat belt on and he locked the doors and i felt more nervous he didn't speak until we got onto the main road because i asked to go home for some of my things he shook his head and said "There's no time and anyway they'd be waiting." after that i went into panic i couldn't breathe " W..Who's waiting for me." he looked at me for a moment and continued to watch the road but he started telling me something that tipped my world upside down...

Chapter 2
Dreams turn to reality

as he spoke Sarah digested his words with a heavy heart "Right i know that this may sound crazy but I've been sent to look for you as a protector of the Ebony kingdom that your father king William ruled until sixteen years ago when he was murdered by Lord Lucien and his followers and there's a possibility that your the princess that were looking for you look very much like her almost her sister.." he went silent and looked at me for a split second and saw the look on my face "If you are the princess you would have had flashbacks for your life have you had any." i looked at him and horror hit me the only strange thing that has happened to me is the dreams and I've had them for as long as i remembered "What about dreams?" i asked he thought a moment and nodded "I suppose so flashbacks can occur at anytime and being a teenager at school in this world it would be most likely be when your asleep because the brain is most relaxed and the flashbacks freely move from the back of your mind what have you seen." i started to explain about the last bit i had dreamed about "well it's to long but for short i was a princess a king was my father and he ordered his captain if anything happens to take me to safety and he did." i didn't want to go into anymore detail just in case.After this short revelation he blew out some air " Finally Princess we have found you thank god it's us the reason that we didn't go to the place you call home is because we only found out about you a few weeks ago naturally we had to find you before Lord Lucien did he'll be there right now waiting for you to come home after school ha i got to you first." a thought a moment right now Lord Lucien would be in or outside my house waiting how did he know i was going home, but another thought came to me was that car accident that my parents actually wasn't really a accident." The truth was it an accident." i was afraid of the answer"No it wasn't Lord Lucien gave the order to kill this worlds parents there was a tip off but i was riding around to see if i could see them when i got that phone call i was a street away when i turned on the road i saw it all i saw the car speed past me inches away i raced to keep up but the car ploughed through as your parents car as it rounded the corner it smacked straight into the top half of your parents car by the time i got there they where both dead i know you would be told your terrible news he would wait until you got home thats why i had to act and fast now he will be hunting for you he will be very angry just one moment i need to ring Andy." he pulled out his cellphone and hit the redial "Yes i have her." he listened a moment and replied " Yes she has explained..yes in her dreams and she looks like twin it's remarkable." he went silent a moment and he made me jump and more nervous with what he said next "What he knows already hes after us..right on my way i take no stops i'll drive straight there." after he put the phone down "Where are we going and who's after us." "Lucien he knows he's with Andy don't worry he wrung the doorbell as i put the phone down and where going on a plane." "But i can't find my passport it was at home somewhere." he opened his jacket and produced my passport i didn't want to know how he got it but i went silent until we arrived at the airport when he got a phone call he didn't speak until he put the phone down "Right we got to go there on the next plane back to look for you come on." as we boarded the half an hour later i couldn't wait until i fell asleep i slept all through the and woke when he shook me.As i opened my eyes i noticed we was abroad and it was sunny and hot as the plane landed Mr.Land wanted to wait until we were the last to leave and without any luggage we went straight into the airports parking lot Mr Land quickly looked about and hurried towards a rented car he must have had waiting he ushered me into the front seat and told me to put my belt on and we were off towards what was to be my future the trip was pleasant seeing all the sites i didn't recognize anything but the view was astounding and when we left the city we traveled the back roads so i couldn't be seen what i did see though was a beautiful blue sea, Mr Lands phone started ringing and he listened and replied "Yes fine yes she is that will be fine see you in ten minutes." and he put his phone down. "Right if you look up that hill there.." He said pointing towards the hill as we got to the bottom and the car started to climb up the hill "Thats where we are going so hold tight the car might slip under the gravel." i nodded as he continued "This house was bought by Andy's father and your fathers good friend Richard he died not long after your father as a matter fact this was bought so like today now we have found you it's a safe house for you." "But if Lord Lucien came here it's not really a safe house is it." He smiled and replied "Don't worry Lord Lucien will know your here soon anyway but they can't do anything with the protection you have and we got to you first so don't worry the only way is if the call a war which we have been ready for sixteen years." he was silent and pulled up outside the biggest house i ever saw there was a wrought iron gates blocking our path Mr Land pressed a buzzer and waited the gates parted for us and led us up the long drive way to the front of the house, as i stepped nervously out of the car there was a small group of people waiting Mr Land went straight to what must be his boss and started talking while i looked around, the house was a nice villa all white with collems that was on the front and behind them two big solid oak doors as i turned to look over the grounds i was shocked at how manicured the gardens were "Sarah." i looked towards the small group of people and realized that they were staring at me, "This is Andy follow him and he will need to show you round and get you settled until further notice."Mr land said as Andy stepped forward and bowed "welcome princess Sarah come with me we have to get you sorted." i nodded and followed him inside as everyone watched me go. Inside the house was amazing the hallway was lined with expensive furniture and paintings as i went past other rooms i noticed the first ones was a lounge and opposite was a dinning room which wouldn't even fit into my home as we went further down the hallway he paused as we came to the staircase "i'll show you to your room and the house after i have a chat with you i need to know a few things." in the dark of the house i thought i recognized him from somewhere " Do i know you i have a feeling we have met before." Andy smiled and nodded and walked off to another hallway near the staircase and the first room we came to he opened and we walked into a office "Sit please." as Andy took his seat and i took mine opposite " Right i know this is sudden but please don't miss any description tell me about your dreams from the beginning." and so i started i explained that i had the dreams from as long as i remember and told him about me rushing through the forest and disappearing. As i finished i looked at him, he didn't even speak when i explained until now "yes you do know me i was the one who helped you escape Randal did a terrific job but now i need to tell Lucien." i looked at him fearfully and said "But he will come here and collect me from you." Andy shook his head "In the Ebony kingdom Lord Lucien declared war on your father and killed him he took your rightful place as king or he thought so but there are rules that your ancestors made only when all of royalty are dead can someone over throw them but you are not dead nor do i think Lucien wants you to be." he replied hastily with seeing the look on my face "Lord Lucien prides his self as beening what we call blue bloods of course thats what you are and myself he has respect for us but no one else when he took the crown there was uproar, there were people rebelling and so he declared they would be a royal wedding." i thought a moment "A royal wedding?" he sighed and carried on "Yes between you and one of his sons Damon or Tyson, the people would not except any other royalty unless you marry." "What i wouldn't marry them if my life depended on it." Andy looked crestfallen a moment and replied "It might, come on you must be exhausted with today revelations i'll show you to your room." he stood and i did the same i followed him out of the office and towards the staircase were the people moved from outside waiting for us to appear i saw Andy nod slightly and everyone bowed and said "A pleasure to have you back majesty." i didn't know what to do i felt like i was put into a very bright spotlight i walked past them up the staircase onto the second floor it was much brighter up here than downstairs and he led me down and the first room we came to he unlocked it and opened the doors "This room was made when we found you i hope you enjoy it." in the first room was a beautiful sitting room that i probably wouldn't use anyway the doors adjoining was my bedroom which was twice the size of the sitting room and i had another surprise i had a en suite bathroom as well i looked around my bedroom the four poster bed looked lost in the room that was so big there was huge windows at either side of my bed and opposite it was a magnificent fireplace that took the whole side of the room even on another side of the room was a huge wardrobe and vanity table. "Right there are a few dresses in the wardrobe that would be expected to wear tonight at dinner as i know Lord Lucien will be here he wouldn't expect any less from a princess, if you need anything there's a bell in the other room i'll be back in a couple of hours." And he left first things first i had to change out of these and have a bath so i went to the wardrobe and opened it he wasn't kidding there were dresses that not even royalty these days wore but i plucked a light blue floor length gown with bodice off the hanger and went to the bathroom even the bathroom was bigger than mine at home i turned the bath faucets on and i stripped off all my and got in the aches in my body that i didn't know i had ached like i'd run a marathon i sighed with relief as i lay in the hot water after a relaxing hour in the bath i got out and dried myself and put on my underwear and then the blue dress it did suite me very well as i walked out into my bedroom Andy was waiting for me."Well i might have guessed you might wear that blue was you favorite color, right we have visitors in a few minutes leave your hair down princesses make people brighten in a room and thats a way to do it." he stood and held out his arm i took it and he led me out of my room and downstairs."Well won't Lucien be surprised hahaha don't worry nothing will happen to you." And he led me to the front door it was opened by people who was outside waiting as we walked out the gates opened and let a limo in as it made it's way slowly up the drive and stopped in front of us the driver got out and opened the door two smartly dressed men stepped out one of them said "That will be all put the limo round the back until my father comes." the two men stepped forward they were tall and very handsome they stepped towards Andy "A very nice place Andy very nice it is a shame we have to go back." and they turned there attention towards me "Well now is this her." Andy nodded and said "Welcome Tyson, Damon to my home come in." Andy pulled me back in the house and we walked straight into the dinning room to sit down " How long until your father is here?" Andy asked as we all sat down."My father will be here shortly in time for dinner, right is it her." Andy nodded and all went silent Tyson turned to me and said "Ohhh so we meet our future wife dear brother wait till our sister meets you, you will she'll be so jealous hahaha." i stayed silent Andy looked my way "Well maybe so i'll just be a moment how many people will be here for dinner as i'll make sure we have enough food on." Tyson smirked "Of course well my father and sister will be coming." Andy nodded and left Tyson looked at me and said "Well after all this time princess we have found you i bet you can't wait to go back home to your castle." i shook my head "My only home i want to go back to is where your father was waiting for me to be truthful i don't remember any other home." Damon looked at me surprised but Tyson grew angry "Well this is not home it was Andy who brought you here blame him." I looked at him the rage i felt i now knew the real reason i was brought here "Don't blame him if you want someone to blame look at your father." Tyson jumped out of his chair his face gone ugly with the rage in his face "Don't dare blame my father you know nothing, nothing at all."He yelled i stood straight i didn't show an ounce of fear i felt and retorted "Is that right well how come it was your father that ordered the war to over throw my father the king and because the people rebelled your father wants me to marry one of you, not a chance." I looked at Tyson in the face and he sat down with a smile on his face "We shall see, we shall see." i looked towards Damon he had a slight smile on his lips i gracefully sat back down and stared hatefully at Tyson until Andy returned "Right everything is sorted is everything alright i thought i heard voices." Tyson looked angrily towards me and replied "Everything is fine." there was a phone call that there father was waiting outside.Damon surprised me by walking around the table and offered his arm i was afraid to take it and he smiled at me and whispered "It's alright i won't hurt you." i took it reluctantly and looked at Andy he nodded i moved gracefully towards the front door to wait Tyson came at the side of us and waited silently, As the gates opened and waited until the limo stopped at the front of house the driver got out quickly and opened the door and a women a little older than me gracefully rose out at the sight of her brothers she smiled "Tyson, Damon father said you'd be here well who's this." Damon took that opening and spoke "This my dear sister is princess Sarah, princess meet my sister Caroline." she looked down at me and she pulled her face as if i was a filthy beggar at her door "Now Caroline be nice wheres father." she pointed towards the limo and i turned to see the man i saw from my dream get out he didn't speak but once i saw him i remembered what he did to my father and my parents here i wanted to strike him to make him feel the same pain i felt i made my move or tried to Damon held onto my arm more tightly nobody saw what i was about to do Damon whispered "Not here my father is a powerful man." i waited Lucien looked my way as he walked up the stairs Tyson and Damon bowed while their sister courtseyed i stood straight and proud never letting my drift downwards i kept my eyes locked on his "Well your majesty we meet again." He surprised me by bowing he looked at his children and they did the same."Lord Lucien." Andy replied "Ahh Andy i like how you have found her well are we just going to discuss things on your doorstep or are you going to invite me inside your home." "of course." Andy replied blushing and bowed as he walked into the house me and Damon went next and then his brother and sister and as soon as we sat down did i realize that the places were set for dinner and maids were coming towards us with the dinner.

Chapter 3
The war starts

As the dinner was eaten and the plates were taken to be cleaned Lucien looked at Andy "Is it her." Andy nodded "Right to business but first some wine." And he clicked his fingers and a maid came rushing out and he told to serve everyone i refused everyone stared at me but Damon smiled and Lucien laughed "Of course our princess is underage." Caroline threw me a dirty look. "Right to business, I would like to take the princess back with in the next few days." I couldn't believe of his nerve i was sat in the same room before Andy could reply i found my voice " Then ask me not anyone else." Lucien laughed again "Well then princess what do you say." "I say no, Never." That knocked the smile off his face "You do realize that we will have you eventually don't you." i looked at him and replied "The only way you'll have me when it's over my dead body." He looked harshly at me and smiled " Be careful of what you wish for it might come true." and he turned to Andy " You know what this means." Andy nodded "I don't whats going to happen." i asked Lucien looked at me "Your majesty you have just started a war that most likely your going to lose." I stood and replied "I'm not going to change my mind i'll take my chances, Excuse me." I left to get some air from this morning i thought i was just a normal teenager but it felt like i have just been given a death sentence. i moved to find the door to the patio was left open i found a little spot that was breathtaking i didn't even realize that anybody followed me out." You shouldn't just wonder off like that you know." I spun around and Damon had followed me here. "I take it your father is angry." Damon moved to my side as i turned back to the view "My father is past angry, it was very brave of what you have done i wouldn't have even tried." i turned to see a smile on his face "I take it your father doesn't know the word no." Damon shook his head "No i guess not anything he wants he gets what ever the costs." i turned to him "Why are you helping me?" Damon laughed "Hmm.. i guess i like you i haven't heard anyone tell my father whats what for a long time." i laughed and said " Well i've just found out my future a few hours ago, and your father killed my parents just to get to me i'm not about to give him the satisfaction to give up so easily." Damon nodded "i understand, if it were me i'd do the same." "Son." i turned around to see Lord Lucien standing there with Tyson and Caroline without another word Damon walked towards him and he said "Leave us i want a word." and they went back into the house as he walked towards me "Well i see you are enjoying the view." i turned to him he didn't send away his children just to talk about the view so i got straight to the point."You didn't come out here to say just that what do you want Lucien." he looked at me and replied "You don't want to start a war princess you should know that i always win i play dirty and everyone knows that don't get me wrong i know how many of your people will support you but you and i will lose many great people over something you will get anyway, if you come with me i could make you a queen that nobody will question that everyone will look up too." "No Lucien you will make my people fear me we come from two completely different sides i am good and you are evil and i mean what i say remember what i said before i came to this land." his face blushed with rage "Is that a threat?" He asked and i nodded "Yes it is and we have nothing more to say to each other." "Fine, have it your way your majesty but be warned i will not rest until your under my control no matter if Andy is one hundred percent behind you." and he started to walk away i turned to watch him go and i found my voice" So be it Lucien like i said i will avenge my father and my parents from this land mark my words we will meet again and when you do you will bow before me." Lucien laughed and replied as he walked away "We will see princess when that day comes." and he went inside i decided that i'd stay outside until Andy came for me which was half an hour later"Well that went well didn't it." "i really don't care Andy." "You will when this war comes and you see your people dead on the floor a man like that doesn't care princess he will come down on you like no man you and your people will feel his wrath." i turned to him he couldn't be much older than Lucien sons. "Do you think i did the right thing?" i asked he sighed and replied " i think so princess i would have done the same if he did the same to me." "you do." and he nodded "Right i think it's time for some sleep i'll see that you go home tommorow as you need to tell your people." "what if they don't like what i have already done." "Trust me princess they will understand a new era has come, the reason that they have declared war on you is because Lucien has to step down now as rightful king you are in charge." i nodded and we walked into the house "I have a lot to do tonight you know where to go and i believe in you." "you don't even know me Andy." Andy shook his head and replied "Of course i do princess you acted today like i knew you would you are graceful that i know you didn't learn from any school you was born with it." and he turned and left me stood there i went up to my room and got changed into my nightgown that was given me while i was here as soon as i got into bed i didn't realize how much i was tired and fell into a deep sleep. Once i woke up i thought i had been dreaming i thought i was in my own room with my parents in the next room i thought it was a horrible nightmare and finally woke up but to my dismay it wasn't to be everything was real i got up out of the bed and went to find a dress to put on and had a shower i drifted out of my room and downstairs into the dinning room to find Andy waiting for me "Good i didn't have to come wake you what do you want for breakfast." "I don't feel like eating at the moment." "Now you need your strength i'll order tea and toast for you we have a busy day." i sat down and five minutes later my food came Andy started talking as i ate. "Right this is what were going to do okay, Lucien will be here any time we will need to take you back to Ebony kingdom and arrangements will begin there." Ding dong Andy jumped up "there here already quick eat that i'll be back shortly." and he rushed away as the maid came and removed of what remained of my breakfast Lucien, Andy and his sons walked in "Good she is ready right this way your majesty." i stood and followed them down into the house basement.Once down there Andy went to a shelf lifted a bottle and brought it to Lucien, he turned to me "Right my sons are going with you so you don't run anywhere this potion doesn't work until all of it is gone,you are to wait for us all myself and Andy will arrive a few minutes after understand." i nodded but didn't speak "good here." and he lifted the bottle to my lips i drank and he went to his sons and gave them the rest i gasped my whole body went numb and i sank to the cold cellar floor and soon i woke up somewhere else another land.

Chapter 4
Home again

I struggled to get to my feet so Damon and Tyson helped me as i brushed myself off i was in a small clearing it was empty except a few horses in the corner not a minute or so after Lucien arrived with Andy "Good your still here majesty right we go on horse back from here." I uttered a small cry i couldn't ride a horse i never had before Damon noticed and replied as i made no movement and everyone else was already on a horse "I can't ride i never had riding lessons." Tyson laughed and Lucien shook his head "Fine ride with Tyson." i scowled and shook my head Damon said "I'll take her father on my horse Tyson's and Andy's aren't used to having extra people on there's anyway it'll probably chuck them both off and we can't have that now can we." Lucien thought a moment and replied "Okay fine hurry up."Damon got on his horse and helped me up and sat me in front of him i glanced at Tyson and he looked like he'd hit him that made me smile Damon dug his heels in the horses side to make it move Lucien was in front me and Damon behind Tyson behind us and last was Andy we only went a short way when i was told by Damon "In a moment you'll get to see your kingdom for the first time." And he wasn't kidding the last of the trees disappeared and the view was breathtaking i couldn't speak it was beautiful the castle was all white like a fairy tale it was huge and looking at the peoples houses it was like been dragged into the middle ages there was stone houses but no factory's, city's and cars they weren't any roads well there was if a dirt trail is a road.We wound our way down towards the town once there everyone stopped there jobs as we carried on in the town square Lucien stopped "Everyone we have news our princess has come back to us." Every one looked towards me and all was silent "Pass on the word there will be a very important message her majesty would like you all to hear anyone that would like to here it be at the castle later this afternoon." And that was all and we went on towards the castle the guards all bowed and let us through we crossed the bridge and we stopped at the door a stable boy came running Lucien dismounted and we all did Damon got down first and Caroline came to greet us she was very pretty with long flowing red hair and the dress was lovely she gave Damon a disapproving look as he reached up and helped me down "Thank you." I blushed and turned towards the door "This way princess."and i followed into a grand entrance hall that was also the throne room we paused in front of the throne and Lucien called for a guard "I want the princesses crown go get it now." He barked and they scrabbled out of the room without a word Lucien held out his hand i looked at Andy he nodded and turned to Lucien he had a
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