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It's never positive..
  Honestly, I am a hermit. I just do not trust anyone.
  There I was driving to Hannafords Groceries and I saw a little man
  on crutches. Well, I pulled over and gave him a lift.
  He was headed to Hannafords too. His name was Bill.
  As I was waiting for him to drag himself up into my pickup, when a
  police car pulled over to my window. The officer asked if I was Okay.
  I said "Sure I was just giving Bill a ride." Officer Lambert said that Bill
  was a drug dealer and under investigation for murder.
  I looked blankly at Bill, who had just managed to pull himself inside.
  Bill smiled at me. I waved to the officer and pulled away.

  Bill said the drug dealing was just "pot" and the murder investigation was
  now "on another guy." I couldn't believe this frail man could murder anyone.
  Bill told me he shared an apartment with a lot of people: where the
  murder happened. I drove on slowly; officer Lambert was following me.
  Some people only stayed a night where Bill lived.
  I remember my mother telling me never to pick up strangers.
  Bill got out in front of Hannafords and I decided not to shop there and
  drove 20 miles to Market basket in Portsmouth NH.

  Maybe I'm paranoid, but I didn't want to spend more time with Bill.
  My faith in humanity was once again tested. I never seem to have good
  encounters with people, unless I'm paying for it. But, that's business.
  Why not legalize Marijuana? Cigarettes and beer are legal and just as
  addictive. And why is prostitution a Federal law enforcement issue?
  If two adults decide to have sex; that is legal, but if one of them gets paid
  for it the FBI will hunt you down. Sounds like a waist of taxpayer's dollars.
  How many billions of dollars does the tobacco and firearms law enforcement
  cost taxpayers? Imagine the revenue marijuana sales could generate legally?
  The sex industry is all ready a multi billion dollar tax bull. Legalized prostitution
  could balance the national debt!

  Bill went shopping on his welfare disability check.
  He could be self sufficient selling pot.
  One less drain on the overwhelmed welfare department.
  Oh, I guess I should have passed Bill on the highway.
  No good deed goes unpunished.

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