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An attempt at humor about the way people word their opinions!
Why do people say, “I like you better with…?” 

For instance, someone recently told me, “I like you better with your hair longer.” 


Does this mean they don’t like me as much because I cut my hair?  I’m the same person.  I didn’t harm anyone by having my hair cut.

Really?  Do they really mean to tell me they will like me better and better as my hair grows?

I mean, I could understand if someone said, “I like you better when you’re not falling down drunk.”  Or, “I like you better when you’re not pointing that gun at me.” 

So, back to the hair… when my hair grows longer it takes more time to get ready…thus, with shorter  hair I can shower, take 15 minutes to blow it dry and it looks good. Stylish, even…

Longer, it hangs in my eyes and makes my neck sweat, not to mention the fact that it makes me look like I have NO neck…at 4’10” I can’t afford the illusion of losing my neck.

Also, when I was younger I could afford the time to take care of it. In fact, I used to have hair that fell to my waist…and plenty of time to spend on it. 

Now that I’m older…not so much. 

I’d rather spend the time doing something else like trimming my nose hair or getting my chin plucked…you’ll understand this when you’re older.  (Trust me; no one would like me as much, if at all, if those things were longer.)

Now, that I’m older, it’s all about prioritizing time…and comfort.

So, maybe what people mean to say is, “I think you look better with long hair.”  I could understand that.  It’s an opinion…it doesn’t mean they like me any less because I cut my hair...and if they did, I wouldn’t “like” them at all.

Then I’d be free to cut my hair, get falling down drunk and point a gun at them, if I so choose…because I wouldn’t care.  And, that's MY opinion.

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