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Do I see tears in your eyes do I hear sadness in your voice do I feel the loneliness in your hart come into my hart and hear it beat the blood into the veins it gives life to the body as the soul needs to live so do you need love truth in life seeks out the good in the friends you have to be truthful to them as to yourself.


                                        My best friend

One morning I woke up with the sun shining through my bedroom window I looked around to find I was alone my love has left me he did not even wake me up like he use to with a kiss or say the sweet words that only he can say that makes my hart, my inner self want to hold on to life and start with the new day do the things I like  to do for him he use to make me feel on top of the world no one can touch me but him. I use to listen to his voice and the way he look at me. The fine lines around he’s mouth and eyes this is what I lived for to know you have the one you can trust with your hart  he is more than a friend now to me.

I rose my head from the pillow with my body I tried to sit my legs hanging my feet that does not want to touch the floor  It came to me if you love some thing and it wants to be free let go  but when it returns it is yours to keep, but what if it is gone forever no I must get on I can do this on my own. I got dressed in the special close that I ware for my best friend he use to make my day, I got to the front door and realised that I had taken the walking stick my thought went out to the first day I met him he was so small lovable I new we were going to be the best of friends. My friend how I miss you it felt like I just got you yesterday .I got to the park where all his playmates was I could see them run around there owners sat on the grass talking to each other and  then they saw me one of my friends that use to sit with me came and said she knows the feeling and it will soon be over look she point over there Rover has left as with four memories I was not interested and left her standing.

I was in my own world and moved on home on the way I met an  old man he was grey and he looked at me and said good morning are you going this way , I use to walk this way home and now I feel I need to talk to someone would you bare to listen to a friend I had a good life when I was very young I had a family that loved me they gave me a home we use to go to the places and do a lot of things together this is my last walk and I want you to know it is not the end. There will be more like me, I looked up and it was my gate I am home looking around he was gone the old man. Mikes car is standing in the drive way my thought was running away is there a problem for coming home I ran up to the front door he was standing with a box in his hands before I could say some thing he apologised for not been himself he did not know how much Rover meant to me. So that is why I left you to make peace within yourself. I heard your friend say she had four puppies of Rover .I tried to get her address to buy one of the puppies and she told me she tried to get you to look at the puppies but you would not. I told her I will pay for them. Now here we are my love you mean so much to me and I will do anything for you. The puppies in the box are hungry and needs to meet there new friend what do you say my love am I still the only one that can touch your hart and also be your friend.

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