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Sad thing to happen.
A mellow tune starts to play
And a word start I say
A word that I try to make
About a path that I’ve been take

A path with ups and downs
And full of a sounds
That led me here
With a heart full of fear

But you came
Talk to me and say your name
I catch the colors in your eyes
That look like a fire and an ice

We walk together for a while
Until you found a girl near a pile
A girl like angel in your dreams
Heart as nice as her smile it seems

You start to leave me alone
Make me stand on my own
Watching you that start to fade away
With a girl to another way

I try to be stronger
But this path keeps getting longer
Without you behind
Could I got to the end

A mellow tune starts to fade away
I start to stop what I say
A sad song that I sang
Stop as the bell rang
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