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Rated: E · Interview · Philosophy · #1809750
How resource can be used to create more resource while it has a self destructive instinct
Somnath-You see Ramesh Babu , I wanted to write a story..
Ramesh Babu-Ohh really..what is it about?
Somnath-The theme is about a struggling young man who draws his inspiration from a diary written by his grandmother-her own story
of sacrifice and strive in those days of hardship for women in India at the hands of her in laws.
Ramesh Babu-Hmm sounds interesting, it seems you are trying to bring out that things change and yet somethings don't, am I right? ..why don't
you complete it?
Somnath-Quite right and here the issue of struggle remains constant!I started writing it but I couldn't make a proper plot..I mean I couldn't really
assemble coherently some events which will give a feeling that its a story and not a philosophical jargon.
Ramesh Babu-But at the end you want your reader to start pondering...aren't you?
Somnath- Well yes..the same story of balance and abuse of power and my quest to detach the emotional quotient from such activities..
Ramesh Babu-Hold on Mr Somnath..its getting too complicated, one by one please..first tell me what do you mean by this 'power' business?
Somnath-I mean when somebody has some means to do something..there are always two instincts associated with it
1.the right use
2.the wrong use
Of course these two instincts will have different weight-ages and thus we always get a single instinct dominant.Lets take an example
to discuss this point:we have a boy belonging to a poor family who doesn't have to work to earn his living
but his parents are struggling day in and out to make ends meet.This poor boy has to borrow books from friends or needs to fetch older books from
neighbors.On the other hand there is a boy belonging to a well to do family who gets everything before he even asks for it!Now I have a feeling that the rich boy
is at a disadvantage in the field of learning by self effort.The rich boy is unable to apprehend the the worth of efforts put in to ensure that
his studies are undisturbed..on top of that he has distractions like going out with friends and spend money.Its like you enjoy your meal more when you are hungry.
Now in this well to do boy's case the parents took care to ensure that he never goes hungry..most probably they know well how much pain it is to go hungry.
Unfortunately in this process of ensuring comfort to their child they are snatching away the realization which might have helped the lad.
Ramesh Babu-I don't quite agree with you, are you trying to generalize this that all haves are at a dis advantage over havenots?
Somnath-Of course not, I am just trying to say that probably the children of have s who could not become successful, experienced the wrong use of power won over the right and their parents are unknowingly responsible for this at least to some extent.
Ramesh Babu- Then what is your explanation about those who had enough means and became successful?Will you just say its natural?
Somnath-Ha Ha..I would like to say that for some reasons (say R) this person used the means that he had, in two ways
firstly he felt the desire to achieve something- its like hunger , he felt the pain;to me this is most important
secondly he utilized the means materially to substantiate the goal-to me this is trivial.
This makes me consistent in saying that :feel the hunger become successful!Hence my hero is struggling ,haha..
But Ramesh Babu don't ask me about the reasons R which I was mentioning just now- I am not clear with that..and any way thats a different story
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