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Bradley has a question for Jennifer and Megan and Miles' relationship isn't so perfect.
Calin decided that he had seen enough and he climbed out of the tower and snuck out of the house. He knew he would wait for Jennifer forever but the decision who she wanted had to be hers. His trump card was Rainey and he hoped she would break up Jennifer and Bradley. For now, he was going back to his gypsy people.

After Jennifer stopped kissing Bradley, they danced a few more dances. They hadn't talked and Rainey looked over at them and waved. She smiled and she wasn't being friendly. She wanted to make Jennifer miserable. Before anyone knew it, the ball was over. Bradley and Jennifer said good bye to The Olsons and Jennifer went to talk to Jane.

"Did you have a good time, Dear?" Jane asked.

"I did." Jennifer couldn't tell Jane about Rainey and Calin.

Megan came up just then and Jane told them she would be over to see them and father was waiting. Poor Jane. She was always the obedient daughter. Jane hugged her friends and left.

Megan said to Jennifer. "You look fit to be tied."

"Rainey. That vixen knows our secret. Guess what? She is from the medieval times. She says she won't tell Bradley. Calin was outside and I wanted to leave with him. Maybe Rainey will fall for Jed. Better, yet. She can go back to her time period." Jennifer was so unhappy.

"I hope Rainey won't tell our secret. Why was Calin here? I think I already know. The medieval times. Maybe we can go there next."

"Megan, get real! We have enough problems here. Rainey would have us burned alive at the stake!"

"I don't think I would like that." Megan got horrified just thinking about it.

"Are you lovely ladies ready to go?" Miles kissed Megan's cheek.

"Your carriage awaits." Bradley held his arm to Jennifer. Jennifer took his arm and they passed Vicki and Bill.

Vicki waved. "See you at home, dolls." Vicki was always so sweet. The girls smiled.

Bradley and Miles helped Jennifer and Megan get inside the carriage. Miles cuddled Megan and Bradley had a stern look on his face.

"Jennifer, why did you try to strangle Rainey with her braid? You didn't tell me that she stopped by to ask me to have dinner with the Timmons and her. Don't you think you are being childish?"

Me? Are you in love with her? I saw how you look when she was kissing Jed. She just wants you for your money!"

"I am not in love with her! She saved my life. I am not about to marry someone I barely know. She is too young and I don't love her. When she kissed Jed, I was surprised. She is a little young to be that affectionate in public. About dinner. She lives with the Timmons. They are nice people and I appreciate them asking me. I would have invited you to go with me. I don't want us to argue anymore. I love you and I would marry you if you would say the word."

Miles and Megan had heard the conversation but they pretended that they hadn't. Jennifer got quiet. Everyone was quiet for a few minutes.

"Miles and I are going to France in a couple of weeks. We have business in Paris and we would love to have you and Megan go with us."

"France?" Jennifer's eyes lit up. She could keep him away from Rainey. CALIN. She didn't know when he would be back. She wanted to go to France. "I will think about it. I am sorry about the way I acted but promise me you will stay away from Rainey. I am sorry you fell off your horse and got injured. I am sorry I got sick and wasn't there for you."

Bradley put his arm around Jennifer. "I am sorry I wasn't there for you. I don't plan on seeing Rainey. I was nice to her for helping me and I want you to get over being jealous. We can go to France and leave for awhile. Paris is for lovers and that is what we are." Bradley nuzzled Jennifer's neck and she smiled. WHY WAS SHE MAD AGAIN?

They had arrived at Vicki and Bill's. Bradley and Miles helped Jennifer and Megan out of the carriage.

Miles kissed Megan. "Are you going to France with me?"

Megan smiled. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." They kissed again.

Bradley held Jennifer. "So, do you want to go to France?"

Jennifer nodded. "Yes, I want to go to France."

"I will see you in a couple of days." Bradley kissed Jennifer good night. Jennifer wanted to go to France. After France, she would make her decision. Bradley or Calin?

"I have to drop off some stuff to Bill tomorrow. Will you be here?" Miles asked Megan. Megan looked into his eyes. She loved those eyes and his smile.

"Yes, I will be here." Miles kissed Megan again. "Until tomorrow."

The men left in the carriage and Megan and Jennifer went into the house.

"Jennifer, we are going to France."

"Yes, we are. This way, Rainey won't be around Bradley. Just think of it. France. Wow. What it will be like?"

"I can't wait. They have art museums there, right?"

"I think so. Not as many as they do in our time but I am sure you will see some beautiful art, Megan."

The women went into the house. Vicki and Bill were in bed. Megan went to her room and Jennifer went to her room. Megan fell asleep dreamed of France and Johnny Depp. France is where he lived. Manolito kidnapped her in the dream and they weren't in France. Miles came charging on a white horse to save her but Miles fell off. This wasn't funny. Megan woke up. She smelled bacon and eggs. Morning already. Megan got up. Jennifer was still in bed. Megan knocked on Jennifer's door. She hoped she hadn't run off with Calin.

"I am getting up." Jennifer had been so tired since she had been sick but she was alright once she got up and moving.

Megan sit down to breakfast. Bacon, eggs and pancakes. She loved Vicki's cooking. Jennifer made it to the table. She enjoyed the breakfast.

"I dreamed I was in France with Johnny Depp and he turned intro Manolito and kidnapped me. We were back in England. Miles came charging on a white horse to rescue me and he fell off."

Jennifer laughed so hard she dropped her pancake on the floor.

"It isn't funny."

"What happened?" Jennifer asked.

"I woke up." Megan said sadly.

"You left him there on the ground at Manolito's mercy? You had better rethink your romance."

"It was just a dream but I still don't like it."

"It will be alright. You will see Miles today."

Megan and Jennifer did dishes. Vicki was baking a chocolate cake. Megan thought if I keep eating like this, I will be as big as the TItanic. Every thought she had reverted back to Leonardo and Miles.

"Anyone home?" Miles asked.

"In the kitchen." Megan answered. Jennifer said Hello to Miles and left.

Miles kissed Megan. "Sweet dreams, my Dear?"

Megan couldn't tell him her dreams. She smiled. "I dreamed of you."

"That's what I like to hear." He kissed Megan.

"Let's go see Jasper." Megan suggested. They walked arm in arm to the barn.

"How did you like those paintings on the Olsons' walls?" Megan asked.

"They were different."

"I love them. I would like paintings like that in my house."

"You would?"

"You could paint your walls like that."

"No. That would be too flashy."

"I think they are pretty. I could live in a house with paintings like that."

"Not me. Mom would not be amused."

"Mom? Oh, this is about Mom? The house isn't yours? Mommy and Daddy own your house?"

"What? No, it is my house. I paid for it." Miles was getting mad.

"Why did you say Mom wouldn't be amused? If it is your house, who cares what Mommy thinks?"

They had reached Jasper's pen. Megan let Jasper out and hugged him. He was the cutest little most loving goat.

"That isn't very respectable of you. A man's house would look strange with those medieval paintings all over the wall. I live alone. If you did live witrh me, I would have to think long and hard about painting my walls like that."

"If you cared what Mommy thinks, you wouldn't have slept with me so openly."

"Look. I have a right to be with you. I don't like you thinking I am a Momma's boy."

"I don't want to think of you as a Momma's boy. I love you and I don't want to fight with you. Do you need your mother's permission to do something different with the house?"

"No, I don't. Look. I have to go see Bill. I will see you before I leave." Miles walked away.

Megan sighed. HE DIDN"T KISS HER. They had had a fight. Maybe she shouldn't have pushed the Mommy thing. She didn't like this. Maybe she wasn't going to France with him now. She might have blown it. Megan held Jasper as a tear fell.

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