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Rated: E · Short Story · Arts · #1810033
Date: 2005
How could I ever forget that glow in her precious eyes? Why didn’t I tell her before? How could I not notice after all this time that I was the one inside her heart? Why am I even thinking of that? It is too late now. 

         Emotions of rage, bitterness, and pain were awoken when I saw him standing in front of me. She should be avenged and I am the only one who could do it for her. The police were too careless with their report. “An unlucky accident” they said. But I knew it was him. I saw myself strangling him on the spot. A crazy thought came to mind as I was looking at him. I was messing around with the wires in his son’s car. His son started driving and ‘Booooom’. Blood was on the windscreens. The car was stuck to the building and both were set on fire. The young teenager was in the hospital, had tubes around him, and died in a coma after months of useless treatment. Alfred was devastated and wrecked on losing his son. But what is wrong with me? Right in front of her grave, I am thinking of Revenge?! Well, I suppose this is the price to pay for all that he had put her through. After her death, I thought I would never have to deal with him. Thoughts of torturing him, his son, burning his house, stealing his money, hiring someone to ruin his business…All of these occurred to me after she had passed away. It was obvious that it was a set up and yet, it was announced as an accident. She had been unfairly treated for many years and it was time justice took its course. And…I am still a coward. I don’t know why even in front of this monument that I built…in her memory…I still can never take action as I see him right in front of me. Once more, I promised myself that I would report to the police what I knew about him. “I will get my revenge, I swear it.” He walked away while I continued standing here in front of the white unicorn statue motionless, remembering her…

         I had always been looking forward to Monday. It was the day of our session. How could I not look forward to seeing her? It was Monday at last and many patients were waiting for appointments. My head was spinning, and I needed her. At last, it was her turn and I was eager to look into her eyes and see the childish innocence inside them. Once more I desired feeling her lack of understanding why the world was cruel. She was a princess who was living a fairy tale and wanting to remain where she felt safe. I wished I could erase her painful memories and lend a hand to her to start over. I waited, but she never came.

         My heart was broken as the little Big Ben announced the time. It was four and she hadn’t shown up.  Maybe she didn’t need me anymore and was getting on with life. Normally it should have made me jump for joy being happy for her. Strangely enough…I wasn’t. There was a growing void and I had no choice but to get on with my life as well.

         The streets were looking empty. My steps were slow and I had little control over where my feet were taking me. She alone was occupying my mind. At last I stopped in front of a building and realized it was hers. Anxiously, I climbed the stairs thinking of the excuse I was going to give. “I was worried about you; you didn’t come today so I wanted to make sure you’re alright.” Yes that sounded reasonable. She didn’t answer the door, and I was getting increasingly unsettled with each knock. “She is not there.” The watchman said. Before I could respond, he continued, “She hasn’t been all day. Usually she comes back for an hour after work then leaves again. But today she didn’t.” I tried not to think the worst but it wasn’t working. By now, I was extremely worried. “Thank you” I stammered. “You’re welcome, that’s my job, sir.” Fury was building inside me. What he had said enraged me. Or maybe it wasn’t because of his words; perhaps it was the fear they caused. Peculiar as it was, I was the only one at the nearest well-known café. My thoughts traveled to our last session again.

         We were in my clinic a week ago when Alfred’s name came up in our conversation. “Are you angry?” I said while trying to get a glimpse of her eyes. She lowered her head attempting to conceal her expressions and feelings from me. “Anger is not what I have in mind.” Her tone hardened but I could still sense softness in her voice. She could never be hard. She had always been the soft childlike angel that I never imagined had existed…Not until I met her. By no means could she turn into anything but a blossom. “What do you have in mind?” She smiled amiably and finally looked at me. “Unicorns.” Her answer was entirely startling. Without any uncertainty, she continued, “Unicorns that will take me away to another world one day. It is going to be my heaven.” She was sweeter than usual. I too wanted to believe what she was saying, but couldn’t and tried not to show my disbelief. “So you aren’t afraid of what your uncle said?” She looked at her watch, escaping my question but before she could stand up I held her arm. “Answer me Debbie. Aren’t you afraid?” Debbie looked at me in confusion for a moment but suddenly strength replaced it. “I am not afraid because I know my dreams will come true. I know that he won’t hurt me when you are with me.” Her cheeks reddened and she immediately left the room.

         My Debbie witnessed a crime when she was a child. While going to her friend’s house one night, she realized she had forgotten her teddy bear. Her stuffed bear had accompanied her on all her journeys.  On the way to her room she overheard her uncle arguing with his wife. Just like any curious youngster, Debbie stood by the crack of the door and eavesdropped on them. She could never remember what they were talking about, but she had seen the unexpected…Alfred shooting his wife. Debbie had slid on the floor in a terrified state. Realizing she was outside, her snake uncle caught and locked her up in her room for weeks. It was the start of an era of physical abuse. Debbie grew up in misery. Being in his custody since the death of her parents, her life was never the same. The immortal child inside her was scarred for life and as her counselor my job was to help her. In our last meeting, Debbie told me that Alfred saw her leaving my clinic. I had worried because he would do something to her if he suspected she had uncovered his secret.

         I didn’t want to think of bad things. She was probably going out with some friends and forgot about our meeting. I sipped my coffee and was about to march outside the café when a breaking headline on TV caught my attention.

(Three passengers, one dead and two injured in a car crash on M17 this afternoon. The accident which took place 30 minutes ago had killed a man instantly and injured his wife. The other car which had turned over as a result, had one passenger who is still in a critical condition. Reports said the lady’s injuries are very serious.)

I was about to leave when the waiter made his comment. “Will you look at that? Sheesh no one would ever survive that accident.” My jaw dropped as I saw Debbie’s Car. Police were trying to reach a lady inside a black coupé. They approached the woman gently and finally got her out of the car. Blood covered her face but I still recognize it as Debbie’s, there was absolutely no doubt about it. I rushed out of the Café hoping to arrive there on time. “Please Debbie, Please don’t die.”

         I finally arrived at the scene; I was struggling to get through the crowd, when one of the officers stopped me. I came up with the oddest explanation; “I am her Fiancé.” Till this day I could never believe I had said that. Reaching the car, Debbie was now completely revealed to me and she was shivering. The doctor was taking her pulse. I came closer, knelt down beside her, and held her cold hand. “Debbie. It’s me, Roger.” She opened her eyes at last, barely breathing. Despite my grief, her smile filled my heart with immense joy. Debbie’s body was torn, blood was pouring from her, and I could feel her enormous pain through her moans. But even in that state her beauty flourished. “I knew you would come.” Her almost inaudible voice was soft and faint. “Of course. Debbie what happened?” She looked at me with weary almost half-opened eyes. “A car…A car was chasing me. I had to speed up to get away. I didn’t notice I was in the wrong lane…another car approached… my brakes were not working.” My brain raced through it all and I was sure Alfred was involved. When she started coughing my eyes caught the doctor’s expressions as he shook his head hopelessly. I knew then that I was losing her. “I am feeling cold.” Debbie’s voice was trembling. She clung to me as I took her in my arms and swept my jacket around her shoulders. She held me firmly. “I am going to heaven.” Tears rolled down my face and I could no longer hold back my emotions. “Debbie will you marry me?” She detached herself for an instant and gave a dim giggle. “You’re too late Roger.” What an idiot I was…I knew she loved me and yet never asked her that before? I felt anguish and resentment at the same time. If only I’d realized I loved her sooner I could have turned her days into the heavenly world she had always dreamt of, but he took her away from me. “Will you marry me?” I asked again, this time…sobbing. “Yes Roger I will.” She smiled again. There was a tin can ring on the floor beside me. I picked it up and placed it on her finger. Debbie was laughing now while giving her last breath. I brought her closer to me and saw her flying away. I saw a Cinderella crowned with a halo of daisies. She was wearing a pure silk white dress flying on a unicorn to a world of magic. I knew she was going to be happy now. My Debbie had finally gone to her dreamland. She was Far away from her uncle and his violence. And I shall never see her again.
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