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Rated: E · Script/Play · Comedy · #1810380
You know when -- in games -- you look around a room for secrets? Well. . .
{break in}

[a man and a woman are quickly walking through a tight corridor, a red rotating light flooding the area, while a high pitched siren whines throughout]

Julie: The Robot Aliens from Mercury Who Are Also Zombies have nearly broken through the barrier, and I'm not sure the Mk. VII Laser Turrets will hold them for too long.

Rock: How many do you think there are?

Julie: At least the whole planet, maybe more...

[Rock sharply inhales, removing his sunglasses to reveal his widened eyes]

Rock: We only have a few minutes.

Julie: Do you think you can stop them in time for everyone -- besides you -- to escape on a rocket?

[Rock looks at Julie and calmly puts his sunglasses back on]

Rock: I think I can handle it.

Julie: Good, then there's no time, we need to get outside, now!

{At this point, the control is given to the player, so the camera is positioned in a way that models the 3rd person view of a game}

[As the two characters run forward toward the outside of the building, Rock takes a detour into an open door]

Julie: Hey, where are you going?!

[Rock is silent, he is seen rifling through everything in the room, tossing papers and moving various articles of furniture]

[Julie walks in the doorway, obviously angered]

Julie: Uhm, Rock?

[He stops, holding a chair over his head]

Rock: . . . Yeah, what?

Julie: We're supposed to be killing some Robot Zombie Aliens right now, did you forget?

Rock: Oh, I'll just be a minute, I'm just checking for extra ammo or hidden blueprints for some weapons later.

[Julie scoffs]

Julie: Seriously?!

Rock: Well yeah, I don't want to have to start all over because I missed something this early in the game!

[Julie sighs and stomps out of the room, the camera outside of the room showing Rock dumping a file folder out and frantically looking at the papers while kneeling on the ground]

{break out}
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