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by Lisa
Rated: E · Review · Detective · #1810499
An overview of "The Adjustment Bureau", the film.
The Adjustment Bureau is a drama/romance with an element of mystery.
The Adjustment bureau is about a man who is running for parliament in America and by chance meets a beautiful girl whom he immediately falls for. By chance they meet again and exchange numbers. This is where the Adjustment Bureau step in, making it clear to him by force that he is not to follow this path in his life and chase this girl he has just fallen in love with. They explain to him that it is them who step in if or when something is not to be. He does not appreciate their influence in his life and makes it clear to them. He gets away from them, but every time he tries to pursue this girl, the Adjustment Bureau step in once again.
The theme is man’s free will versus destiny. Are the decisions one makes for him alone, or are they predestined by fate?
The director’s purpose is to make you think about your own free will and how decisions in your life can change your path dramatically or not. The director inspires you to become a master of your own destiny.
The tone is set at the beginning of the movie as the main protagonist gives a speech to a mob of people at a political rally. He is the main candidate to be elected. The atmosphere is electric.
Mat Damon is the favourite young candidate to win the election.
It is set in the year 2009, in America.
Mat Damon played the young and promising politician, a good display of charm, good looks and wit, disarming his people with his winning smile and smooth, convincing words.
Mat Damon plays the lead, as a young politician campaigning for parliament. His romance with Is touching to say the least. Then come the Adjustment Bureau, who are a group of men, each wearing a cap, which supposedly opens a portal to another dimension, you will be amazed at the way this is done!
The intended audience is probably young people because it is the purpose of the movie is to realise how much free will we have in our lives, that makes consequences and different turns in our life, influenced by the decisions we make.
It conveys its main point by the depth of emotion that is displayed as every turn in his life is filmed. The volume of the emotion gets the message across loud and clear.
I loved this movie for it’s call on the audience/us , to think about the decisions we make in our lives, and how we always have a choice.
I loved the romantic element to the story, as well as the thought processed which went to the adjustment beauru’s amazing talent of changing the future. I thought the romantic role was played with so much depth of emotion that the viewer could not help but feel sympathetic to the lover’s plight. Mostly I loved the drama of the idea, that we may not be in control of our future, that some unknown agent might be behind your every move.
The actor’s where made for this role; Mat Damon and the confident manner in which he ardently pursues his career goals and the woman in his life, And his love interest whose eyes mirror the feelings that they are both moving through as actors.
Parts where too far fetched to believe...the concept was made to be far fetched but it could at least be made more credible by certain reflections of some things more reality based in other parts of the story.
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