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The prologue of a story I'm thinking of please give feedback and/or tips.
‘We need to unite them!’ Celderion, elder of the firesprites, exclaimed while smashing the stone table with his fist. ‘No, we must not,’ Aequan, elder of the watersprites said, ‘we must simply unmake them. Everything that is made can be unmade. ’ ‘Come on Aequan we are the ones that allowed them to be, we are the ones responsible for their actions! We cannot simply ignore that, their foolishness is inexperience. We should give one of them the power to unite them, to give them purpose, to stop this madness.’ Celderion responded getting calmer as he spoke.  ‘Be realistic Celderion, even if we give someone the power to unite them it could take years even decades for him to accomplish his goal, we don’t have that long. We should simply destroy them now before they ruin all of our cities and destroy our precious world!’ ‘Enough!’ Terraeon, keeper of the earth shouted as he elegantly strode into the round room. Everyone in the room stood up immediately all in dead silence. ‘Please sit down,’ he continued, ‘there is much for us to discuss.’

‘So it is decided, the anointed one will be born at dawn on the first day of Sorkuntza, exactly one thousand years after we finished creating the Earth. Every elder of the high race will imbue the child with the extends of his powers, that includes you Aequan. Fire, Water, Air and Earth will be united, and when the anointed one succeeds he will save the rest of his kind. ’ That is what Terraeon had said that day. Now over two fortnights later he was here, Aequan, he who objected, the only person that didn’t agree with his decision, but he was here nevertheless. The child was about to be born and the four elders had gathered, standing around the woman that would give birth to the saviour of mankind. She was lying in her bed in a small room. The walls were made of wood and so was all the furniture. Standing next to the woman was her husband a tall man, hardened by years of hard work. His hair, black as the night, was wild and his eyes were deep blue. Other than them there was a midwife in the room telling the mother-to-be exactly what to do. She couldn’t see the elders none of them could. The sprites were invisible to human eyes only visible when they transformed into a temporarily form. Then the time was there, the woman was violently puffing now, screaming in pain as the child was born. The elders each called up their powers imbuing the new-born with the full extent of it.
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