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The House Of Moonless Night.

By Joe Nelson.

The bustling neon lights of Hong Kong rushed past in a blinding flurry of kaleidoscopic colour as the taxi cab sped through the city night. Max Horner felt sick as he was tossed from side to side, the Chinese driver maniacally dodging the city traffic. The guy was a fucking madman.
Next to him sat his life long friend Brett Harrow, laughing his ass off at Max’s obvious discomfort.
         “Dude, you look like you're about to puke all over the backseat.” Brett laughed.
         “Ugh, I think I might.” Max groaned. Quickly, he stole a glance at the Chinese driver to see if he was listening. “This guy’s fucking insane!” He whispered.
Brett laughed harder. “Dude, why are you whispering? It’s not like he can speak English.”
         “Ssshh.” Max hissed “How do you know?”
Brett smiled wickedly and Max knew he had just asked the wrong question.
         He leaned forward in the seat, his voice slow and deliberate he asked “You speeky the Engleesh?”
For a terrible moment Max thought it was all going to end badly, but the driver just turned and gave them a gap toothed grin before returning his gaze to the road ahead. “See?” Brett said. “Told you so.”
         “You're such a racist.” Max responded.
         “I’m no racist! I love the chinks dude! Some of the best fucks I’ve ever had have been with a chink!”
         “And you wonder why you don’t have a girlfriend?”
         “I don’t wonder. Who wants to limit themselves to just one pussy when there’s so much out there? I’m not like you man. There’s no way I’d limit myself like that!”
Max went quiet and stared out of the window. Brett realised he’d said the wrong thing.
It annoyed Brett how his best friend was still hung up on his ex-girlfriend like that. All through the trip Max had just moped around and whined about how he should give her another chance and it had royally pissed Brett off. “Will you stop fuckin’ sulking about Chrissy for fuck’s sake!”
Max didn’t look at Brett, he just continued to stare at the passing city lights.
        “I loved her man. I wouldn’t expect you to understand that.”
         “Fuck that dude. You caught her sucking another guys dick! She’s not worth it!”
Max looked at his friend. He and Brett had been like brothers for as long as he could remember. Although the guy was brash and insensitive he’d always had Max’s back. He could be a total dick at times but Max could always rely on him and as much as he hated to admit it, Brett was right. Chrissy had gone too far this time. She wasn’t worth it.
Brett smiled, punching Max playfully on the shoulder “Trust me dude, where we’re going you’ll forget she ever existed.”
Max smiled back at his friend. “You sure about this. It’s a bit…”
         “Hey, trust me dude. I got this place off a guy in that club. He said it was legendary. The best girls this side of the mainland and they’ll do anything! ANYTHING DUDE!” Brett laughed, excited at what the night promised.
         “I’m not sure. I mean…paying for it?”
         “I have it on good authority that these girls will take you to heaven, man. I’m telling you. It’s the done thing over here. Everyone does it, it’s like downloading porn or something. This will be a night you will never forget. I promise you it’s gonna be awesome!”
Max went quiet as he considered his friend's words. “Alright, I’m in! What did you say this place was called again?”
Knowing he’d won his friend over, Brett grinned slyly. “Its called Méiyǒu Yuèliàng De Yèwǎn Lóu.”
         “What the fuck does that mean?”
         “It means The House of Moonless Night.”
Max certainly had to admit, it sounded intriguing. He nodded and returned his gaze to the passing lights. As he turned his head, he couldn’t help but notice the driver’s dark eyes watching them in the rear-view mirror.

*          *          *          *          *          *

“Where the fuck are we man?” Max asked, slamming the taxi door shut behind him.
         “I think this is it.” Brett replied staring at the large Chinese gate that stood in front of them. Its arches were decorated in crimson and gold, the Chinese lettering reflecting the dull glow of the lanterns. Wind chimes tinkled gently in the night air and candles were arrayed along the foot of the pillars leading off in the direction of a wooded path. “Nice vibe!” Brett said.
         “We’re in the middle of a fucking forest you dick!” Max exclaimed angrily. “If you’ve gotten us lost again…”
         “Chill dude. He said the place was outside of the city. Secluded like. I think this is it.”
         “It is.” A voice cut in from behind. It was the taxi driver. “And yes I speeky Engleesh you American cunt!” With that, the taxi kicked up a cloud of dust and vanished into the night.
         “Charming!” Brett said while waving the dust away with his hand.
         “I have a bad feeling about this.” Max said, staring into the darkness where the path led.
         “You are such a wuss. I promise you it’ll all be worth it. These girls…”
         “Will do anything? Yeah, you said that already.”
         “C’mon dude. I can’t wait.” Brett started off down the path before Max could back down.

Barely a minute had passed before The House Of Moonless Night greeted them from atop the end of the candle-lit path. It was a beautiful sight.
The classical façade of an old-style Chinese mansion glowed warmly with the light of a hundred lanterns, the promise of unbridled passion evident in the aura spilling forth from its exotic depths.
They stood in the beautiful garden before the brothel, their jaws dropped as they took in the scene. Bright flowers of various kinds littered the spacious glade, permeating the air with a sweet, sensual smell. A pool of crystal water rippled with the reflected light of red candles placed along its edges and a curved bridge led over its enticing surface into the house of sin.
Music played softly from deep inside the ornately decorated building and the gentle sound of women’s laughter could be heard on the night wind.
Max stared in awe at the finely designed roof. Ostentatious statues of ancient dragons writhed against the midnight sky, their long tails curled across the corrugated stonework.
Brett turned silently to Max, his mouth agape at the sight they were seeing. Max could see the excitement in his friend’s eyes and he felt the same way too.
         “Oh dude. This is soooooo much better than the States.” Brett said, his voice trembling with arousal.
         “I think you might be right.” Max answered with a grin.

The sublime display of two-dozen Chinese beauties greeted the boys as they entered. The girls laughed and giggled as Max and Brett stared at their lithe bodies in excited anticipation. Each one was more beautiful than any girl they had ever seen and for the first time in weeks, Max found himself forgetting what Chrissy looked like.
It was better than either of them could have dreamed; they were all waiting to be chosen to satisfy their sexual desires.
There were fat girls, thin girls, short girls and tall girls. Girls with big, juicy tits and tight, peachy asses. Pale girls, dark girls, girls with blue eyes and green eyes. All wearing a variety of colourful and revealing clothing. One was wearing a French maids outfit another was dressed like a Japanese geisha.
Max shivered with excitement, his hard cock pushing against his jeans. Brett was speechless as a more mature looking woman approached him. Though it was clear she was in her forties, she was equally as hot if not more so. Her painted face and tied back hair made her features seem sharp and cold but she smiled warmly as she crept closer.
         “Greetings laowai. I am Madam Zhou, welcome to my house.” She placed her hand gently on Brett’s shoulder and leaned in close, brushing his ear with her dark lips. “You come to fuck laowai?”
Brett swallowed hard and nodded. He felt like a child in a candy shop. “You won’t be disappointed. My girls take you to heaven.” She drew back from him and clapped her hands. At her command the girls lined up ready to be picked for a night of sex.
Max bit his lower lip, it was something he always did when he was aroused. The choice was incredible.
         “How many?” he asked.
Madam Zhou laughed softly.
         “As many as you like laowai. Just remember you pay.”
One girl immediately caught Max’s eye. She was a slender girl with dark eyes and long legs. Her long hair hung loose, the ends tickling the tops of her pale breasts. She wore a small silk blue robe and nothing else. She smiled as Max pointed nervously at her.
         “Very good choice laowai. Mei is a very popular girl.She treat you very good. You not be disappointed.”
Max glanced at Brett. He wasn’t wasting time, he already had his arms wrapped around two girls. One was a dumpy little thing with humongous tits and the other was tall and dressed as a schoolgirl.
         “Choose another one dude! This is awesome!” He said, his hands groping around amidst the girls laughs and encouragements.
Max returned his attention to the line and spotted a thin, short haired girl with small breasts. There was something about that one that reminded him of Chrissy and he knew she was the one he wanted.
         “Very good. This one the best masseuse we have.” Madam Zhou said. “Now you go upstairs and my girls take you to heaven.”
Max turned to see what Brett was doing but he was already half way up the stairs. The guy was nothing if not eager.
         “You come now.” The one called Mei said, taking Max by the hand and leading him upstairs.

Max was led into a finely furnished room with all the trappings of ancient China. He had to admit, it was a nice touch. It had the whole eastern promises thing going for it and Max wondered what kind of forbidden pleasures were in store for him tonight.
Gently, the girls began to undress him. Slowly removing pieces of clothing and kissing his body as they went.
Max’s pants were lowered to the floor and Mei gripped his rock hard cock in her hands.
         “You big man, laowai.” She whispered before licking the top of his penis.
The other girl, the one that looked like Chrissy, was kissing his neck and running her hands across his chest. Mei swallowed Max’s dick and he shivered with pleasure, her practiced tongue bringing waves of euphoria to his body.
The other girl pushed him backwards and he fell onto the bed. The soft silk sheets felt amazing on his naked skin.
A scream pierced the night and he shot up, alarmed at the noise.
         “Your friend have a good time.” Mei said. Max realised she was right. The screams were those of pleasure coming from the room next door. Brett was not a quiet lover.
His attention returned to Mei as she disrobed. His eyes drifted over her tight body and he stared in wonder at her big, juicy breasts. Beige nipples standing to attention in the close atmosphere. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and glinting in the candlelight. He was glad Brett had talked him into this.
Slowly she lowered herself onto him. Her tight, hot cunt enveloping his massive cock as she slid into place.
The girl that looked like Chrissy was naked beside him, her supple hands working oil into his trembling skin.
Slowly, rhythmically, Mei began to move her hips, sliding up and down his manhood while the pleasure swept over him in waves.
Mei smelled like jasmine. Max liked jasmine. He closed his eyes, encouraging his other senses to heighten. The smell of candles and oil. The sounds of music and sexual ecstasy. The feel of warm skin against him.
Max opened his eyes to see Chrissy’s double massaging Mei’s breasts with oil as she writhed upon his naked body. The three glistened in the dull light, a sensual dance of sin and pleasure.
Mei groaned louder, her voice growing in pitch signaling the coming orgasm. Max could feel it too. His shaft trembled as he felt the cum rising. Mei bounced and grinded, screaming in rapture.
In the distance Brett screamed too and Max knew his friend had arrived. Max was not far behind. The oil girl stood and walked over to the curtains, her pert ass bouncing as she went. She gripped the curtains with both hands and ripped them open as Max spurted his load into Mei’s tight pussy.
Eyes shut, Max groaned at the height of orgasm, his voice echoing around the room.
It was the smell that hit him first. The sensuous smell of Mei’s jasmine body was instantly replaced with something far more disturbing. Within the same split second he noticed how cold Mei’s flesh had become. It was cold and squishy under his hand. Max opened his eyes.
Mei stared back at him through her one decaying eyeball. Her other eye hung loose from its socket, the tendril swinging from the recent exertions. Her teeth black behind a lipless smile and maggots crawled from a hole in her jaw.
Bathed in the cold light of the moon, Mei’s corpse watched as the confusion in his eyes gave way to terror and he screamed.
         “What’s wrong laowai? You no like me?” Max jerked forward pushing Mei off the bed with all is might.
He turned to see the oil girl standing in the moonlight, her ribs protruding from her chest and a skeletal hand where her supple skin used to be.
Max wasn’t going to wait around to find out what happened next. He ran naked into the corridor, desperately trying to escape whatever the fuck those things were. Then he remembered Brett.
Bursting into the room next door in an effort to save his friend he stopped short when he saw the grisly sight that greeted him. The fat, bloated whore Brett had been so eager to fuck was straddling Brett’s corpse. Her digusting, eyeless face was buried in his opened chest feasting on his body. Blood was everywhere.
The animated corpse of the schoolgirl whore stood up from behind the bed. Brett’s penis was still in her mouth, she was chewing it like an egg roll.
Max turned to leave, stopping when he heard the hushed sound of Brett’s voice struggling with agony.
         “Max…help…me…” Max didn’t turn to look. He couldn’t bear it and so he ran. Naked and alone, he ran down the stairs and out into the night.

He’d gotten as far as the arched bridge in the garden when he realised he could go no further. The candle-lit forest path was blocked by the walking dead whores. He remembered how beautiful they had looked a half hour ago. The geisha one crawled forward, hissing as her decaying fingers raked the earth. Her legs had long gone.
         “What the fuck are you?” Max screamed. The terror causing his voice to shake uncontrollably. He looked about. The flowers that seemed so vibrant earlier that night were now rotten and dead. The crystal water black like oil.
         “What’s wrong laowai? You change your mind?”
Max looked back to see Madam Zhou standing at the entrance to the brothel. She was still as beautiful as she was before, not a twisted dead thing like her girls.
         “What’s happening?”
         “You have fun tonight yes? I told you, you can have as many girls as you like. So long as you pay.”
Zhou stepped forward into the night air, her skin fell away as she emerged from the house. The pale moonlight revealling her for what she truly was.
Her dark hair was patchy amongst the rotting scalp and exposed brain and her lower jaw was missing completely. Her long black tongue hung loose from her half-face and she gurgled a hideous laugh.
Max turned to flee but the whores had advanced, blocking his path from the bridge. Max looked back to see Zhou's hideous form standing behind him.
         “I told you laowai. My girls take you to heaven…before they take you to hell.”
It was the last thing he heard before they fell upon him.
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