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Dust to dust.
“I’d turn back if I were you,” said the cop to Turk through the driver’s side window. The cop had pulled Turk over just the other side of Sugar Bend, a dusty town Turk had never heard of and had blown through as fast as he could while braking under the speed limit and watching his rear-view mirror.

Turk looked up at the cop. Sound normal, he thought. He’d thrown the knife, still dripping with blood, onto the passenger-side floor and then driven a hundred fast miles. He hadn’t looked down at the knife once and he didn’t dare look down at it now. Could the cop see it? Did he know something? How could he? Turk had shut Ruby up – that slut – and didn’t think he’d left a trace. Ruby’s sister would come over as usual, but not till morning. Turk had time to take off for the desert and put some distance between himself and Ruby lying silent in her own blood.

The cop waited. “Turn back?” Turk said to him. “Why, officer?”

“Flash flood on the Sugar River washed out the bridge about a mile up. Take till morning to fix. Only road in or out of Sugar Bend. You’d best retrace your steps.”

Do something normal, thought Turk. Don't take off. “Guess I’ll find a motel for the night,” he said.

On the way back into town, Turk thought, Why the hell did I tell him that? Now I’ll have to stay - I’ll get noticed if I run.

Next morning, Turk emerged from his room at the Cactus Flower Motel. Sirens screamed. Lights flashing, five cruisers surrounded him in clouds of dust. The cop appeared, and behind him, Ruby’s sister. “Glad you stopped,” the cop said. “Only one motel in Sugar Bend.”

(Word count: 297)
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