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just musing on the messages on some colors so a created these two pieces.
Burning blood

Red as blood on the face
All else muted to black or white
Color of hell, war, passion, and fire.

Paint the sunset with the tears of the grave
Watercolors against the sky of evening
Souls crimson burn against the black night
Who are those walking towards the end

Mastering the skills the started the quest
Giving loved ones a chance at a future
Or simply in their memory of those left.

Crystal blue
In our journey blues show us the way
From origin to expiration
We learn much from these wise colors

Light blue paints our skies and shallow waters
As the past shows we can soar in the air
Gentle sea breezes show glimpses of the past
Holding us to the reflection of past and present

Sapphire gleams with mysterious powers
Painting eyes of hope and oceans deep
The glittering blue of wisdom nourishing our mind
Letting the canvas grow like baby’s breath

Navy swings between the moon and stars
Shrouding all in a dark mysterious fog
Numbing the frivolities and leaving all serene
Granting us sight in to our valued things.

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