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Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1811556
Short Story I wrote in highschool. May not be the original. Inpsired by a real place.
         Tourists and the staff would report strange things when they came to Alcatraz. They would report being touched, pushed, and grabbed by unseen forces. The strangest sounds could be heard in the prison. Especially near the dungeons, talking, whispering, the clanging of doors and screams could be heard throughout the facility. Nobody liked being alone, except for Jack.
         Jack the janitor was used to of the haunting in Alcatraz. He walked the halls cleaning and checking that everything was okay after the tourists left. The words etched in the wall of a prison cell saying "Lost souls don't leave" didn't scare him either. He didn't mind doing it alone. Nobody else wanted the job. The problem was that as the years went by he got too old for the work. He looked wrinkled and the arthritis in his joints pained him so. He wanted to settle down and rest. He started going through out the town asking people if they wanted to take up the job. Nobody would accept when he told them they would be the janitor for Alcatraz. Jack was stuck with the job. The next day somebody new moved into the town.
         Steve moved into town to get away from a tragic life he had in Oregon and wanted to start a-knew. Jack learned he was in town and knew he would need a job so he went to speak to him. Jack found him at his apartment, a guy who looked liked he could handle the job. He was tall and fit. He was perfect for someone who needs the stamina to do all the work. Jack told him what the job was and reluctantly told him about the prison being haunted. Steve just laughed and said he didn't believe in ghosts. He told Jack he would be there tomorrow.
         That evening on the next day Steve went to Alcatraz to start his new job. He met Jack at the entrance and went on a tour of the prison. Jack showed Steve where to go and what the job required him to do. As the tour continued Steve started to feel uneasy. He felt liked he was being watched. He kept looking back over his shoulder and didn't see anything. Finally the tour was over and Jack left saying "finally I can get some rest." They stopped in front of the cell with the engraving. Steve stared at the engraving, "lost souls don't leave" and was filled with curiosity. He turned to Jack to question him about the engraving. The hall was empty. Jack was gone, and he was alone in a dark corridor. Jack started to really feel uneasy. Then the noises started. First Steve heard someone sobbing. He tried to look for the source but it seemed to come from everywhere and soon got lost.
         The crying stopped but that wasn't all that was going on. The creaking of cell doors could be heard throughout the facility. Whispers could be heard from the corners but Steve couldn't tell where they were coming from. He started walking away. As he walked he could hear the steady sound of footsteps. He stopped and looked behind him. The footsteps stopped and he didn't see anyone. Steve walked faster, the footsteps walked faster. He started to run, the footsteps ran after him. As he ran laughter started to fill up the air around Steven sending him into a blind panic. He ran as fast as he can but the footsteps kept pace with the laughter. Only by luck Steve found the front door. He ran out of the building leaving behind the footsteps and the laughter that chased him out.
         That morning he decided he didn't want the job so he went to find Jack. He asked around the city where he can find him. Nobody knew where he lived. Finally a store clerk told him where he can be found and gave him the address. Steve went to the address to find that a family moved in. He asked the family where he can find Jack the person who lived here. They told Steve they bought the place from the bank and that Jack sadly died two days ago.
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