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by Anish
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Music is omnipresent
                      There goes a myth that life started with the sound "Ohm".This "Ohm",according to the myth,was not just a sound,but a supremely orchestrated and tuned rhythm of various sounds,or music,as we call it.Thus,the origin of music possibly dates back to the very beginning of life.

                        The myth apart,there is staggering evidence of the presence of this mysterious entity all around us,even when there is no real music playing.What is silence,if not the most soulful piece of work played out to the vast expanses of an Ashram,or that bone chilling melody that often precedes the deadly storm?.Here we have,music present in two very different forms even in its total absence.There is a vast array of witnesses to this magical presence.Just  look around,and you will find everything buzzing with music.The awesome rains,the colors of spring,the breeze at dawn,the splendor of night..they all retaliate words already said.The human mind is gifted with emotions,our strongest connect to this magical presence.Infact,it is through emotions that music is conveyed to us.In every emotion,you will find a history,and a genre that defines it,just like the music genres rock,metal,jazz and so on.So,there is music in every thought,every bit of reasoning we do,just as varied & vast as our thought process, our emotions.Music is present in every piece of art.Every painting,every architecture  has its own history & genre.They are all but witnesses to this one single thing that defines life,celebrates life.

                        So,are you feeling bored?Wanna hear some good music?Just look around,and explore life!

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