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Megan and Jennifer discuss going to France and Megan and Miles make up.
Jennifer came out to the barn and noticed Megan had been crying.

"What is the matter, girlfriend? Did you fight with Miles?"

"You might say that. I told him I wanted him to paint his walls like the Olson's house with the medieval fantasy scenes and he says he doesn't like their walls. He had the nerve to say his mother wouldn't like it. I told him who cares what Mommy thinks and I called him a Mommy's boy. He says it wasn't very respectable of me. He said he had to talk to Bill. He went to see Bill." Megan hugged Jasper.

"Is that all? It is Miles' house and if you marry him, you would have a say. Medieval paintings on a wall isn't something every man wants in his house. You shouldn't have called him a Mommy's boy. That hurts a man's pride."

"You didn't want Bradley until Rainey came along. Now, you get all territorial on him. He wants you to go to France and will you go? I don't think I will be going to France."

"Hey Lady! I am not all territorial on Bradley. I happen to love two men at once and you can't deny there is something between you and Manolito. You had better go to France. I can't face Bradley's parents by myself. We are in this past thing together."

Megan put Jasper in his pen. "I will go to France if Miles still wants me with him. I want to see art museums. I want to see the Effifel Tower. I want to see Paris. I know some French and I want to speak it. I want to see the latest fashions." Megan seemed all dreamy.

"Make up with Miles. He isn't going to stay mad over you wanting to redo his house. He loves you. Don't call him a Mommy's boy. I want to see France, too. I am sure you will want to connect with Marie Antionette and Joan Of Arc."

Megan laughed. "Let them eat cake! Maybe we can have a seance and contact Marie Antionette and Joan Of Arc."

"You may end up with your head cut off or be snuffed out like Joan Of Arc. You can sing "I am burning, I am burning, I am burning for you! Miles would be your knight in shining armour." Jennifer was laughing.

"We can at least see where they are buried in France. I just hope that Napoleon Bonaparte's spirit doesn't chase us around. That short little annoying fart!"

Jennifer and Megan laughed. Miles walked back into the barn.

"Hi Miles." Jennifer smiled.

"Jennifer. Are you looking forward to going to France? Miles asked.

"Yes. I think it will be fun. I will see you later." Jennifer winked at Megan and left.

"Megan, I don't like being called a Mommy's boy. I respect and love my parents and I was a loving husband to my wife. I love you and you have healed my hurt. There is your husband and I don't know everything about you. It doesn't matter but you are from London and you left a job you had. What kind of husband makes his wife work? Men support their wives. I do need to know more about you. I promise I will love you no matter what. I have questions. Bradley would like to know more about Jennifer. I have never asked you questions before because I love you and trust you. We do have to resolve the husband thing."

"I know, Miles. My world is different from you. You have a right to know. I am not wanted by the police. Neither is Jennifer. If I told you I am from a different time era, would you believe me?"

"Time era? You mean like the past? Darling, I think we will have this coversation another time. I don't believe in supernatural things and strange happenings. I love you and you are real. Don't tell me your a ghost?"

"Of course not, silly goose. Miles, Jennifer and I will tell you and Bradley all you need to know someday. We aren't here to hurt anyone. We did have nursing jobs. We ended up in Bath by accident. So did Vicki and Bill. We aren't witches. We wanted to meet Jane Austen. She loves to write romance and we are writers, too."

"Writers. Women writers. You came to Bath to learn about us and write romance? Is that all I am to you? A character for a book?" Miles asked. He looked sad.

"I love you. I truly do. You are everything to me. You are the man women want to be with. You are the ideal man for a romance and you are mine. I hope we can be together. When we have our talk, you will understand. My husband won't be a problem and if you just trust me, we will be together. We will talk soon and my life will make sense. Believe in me."

Miles hugged Megan. "I do. No matter what has happened in your life and where you came from and this accident of how you got here, I know you are different. That is why I love you. You are beautiful, charming and have a certain mystery about you."

Megan smiled. Miles kissed Megan's neck. "Stay with me the next few days."

"I will." Miles grabbed Megan and kissed her again. He put his hand on the bodice of her dress. Just then the barn door opened and Jed and Rainey walked in.

Miles and Megan pulled out of their embrace.

"I guess making love is acceptable outside of marriage." Rainey had an evil smile on her face.

"You came in the barn with Jed. You must have that love making idea in mind. Don't judge me little girl!" Megan could understand why Jennifer couldn't stand Rainey.

Miles took Megan by the arms and walked her out of the barn.

"What a brat! She judges me? She has secrets, too and someday they will come back to bite her in the butt!"

"What secrets? Megan, what is with you, Jennifer and Rainey?" Miles asked.

"I will tell you all in good time. That little girl wants Bradley for his money and poor Jed. I don't know what her intentions with him are. She wasn't kidnapped, beat or starved by gypsies. Let's just leave it at that."

"Megan, your life is a mystery. Someday, when you are ready, I want you to tell me about your life. At least, you are interesting. I love you so much."

Miles and Megan hugged and kissed again and walked to the house. Megan told Vicki she was leaving to be with Miles for a few days and she packed her suitcase.

Jennifer came into Megan's room.

"I take it, you made up."

"We did. Bradley and Miles are asking questions about where we came from. Miles asked about my husband ad London. I told him we came from another time era."

"What? You said what? Are you freaking nuts? Why did you do that?" Jennifer wasn't happy.

"I didn't want to lie to him. He thinks we came from the past but he says he doesn't care but he was afraid I was a ghost. I reassured him I am not. I told him we were here by accident and someday soon we will tell him and Bradley the truth. He doesn't believe in the supernatural but he knows there is a mystery about me and he loves me. I told him he would understand someday soon. He will have to trust me. We were in the barn and he was touchimg me on the bodice of my dress and Jed and Rainey walked in. Rainey said that making love must be acceptable before marriage. Her smile was so evil. I wanted to slap her. Miles grabbed me and took me out of the barn and I said I know all her secrets and now Miles wonders about the three of us. I think we will have to tell them everything. I am sorry."

"We knew we couldn't go on like this forever. That Rainey is a pain in my ass! I will telll Zalita to turn her into something. A worm so I can stomp on her. That brat! I think we should tell Miles and Bradley together. I just hope they don't toss our butts out and put us in one of those loony bins." Jennifer needed a cigarette.

"They won't put us in the loony bin. I think they will be cool about it."

"We will tell them before we go to France." Jennifer walked away and went outside to smoke.

Megan finished packing. It was time to tell the truth. No more secrets. She hoped her big mouth hadn't gotten her and Jennifer into trouble.

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