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Just something I was messing around with in class
The candlelight flickered from the alter in front of her, illuminating her vibrant scarlet waves of hair and casting shadows across her pale white features Her eyes opened and she raised her athame above her head and began to chant. Her silky, velvet voice filled the room with words of a long-dead language. As she spoke, a breeze danced through the air in the small darkened room and the candles all around her flared. The sweet aroma of rosemary wafted around her as she finished her chant and closed her eyes once more, lowering the deadly blade to chest height once more. She remained kneeling in her flowing emerald gown, seemingly from times long passed. The gown's intricate gold patterning shimmered in the soft glow of the candles, the shapes seeming to shift and wriggle, as if alive. Once more she opened her eyes and stared into the candle. Her eyes were the same deep green of her dress and the flames reflected within them. Carefully she lay down her athame and began to methodically blow out each candle on her alter, one by one. In one swift motion she rose to her feet and extinguished all the remaining candles with a single, mysterious gesture and a wave of her hand, plunging the room into darkness
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