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I am spending some time on the wish list at WDC.  I notice some recurring themes.  All I want for Christmas is….  I’d like some more reviews.  What are you doing to get more reviews?  If you have a good reviewing style and actually review others yourself, folks are more likely to give you a review.  This is part of building a relationship between people; you have to be a part of that relationship.  Reading and reviewing pieces is one of the primary purposes of the WDC web site.  Most of the folks on the wish list requesting more reviews have gone on to other things.

All I want for Christmas is… a paid membership.  I’ve lost my career over the last year and can’t work.  Money is as tight for me as anyone else.  In five months I have earned enough points to pay for an upgraded membership without any cash.  I do this based on WDC rewards, GP’s given by reviewed folks, reviewing groups that pay in GP’s and people who receive reviews who give additional GP’s out of gratitude.

I can’t do this, you say.  I am not qualified.  There are numerous sources of help on the site.  There are classes on the site.  I am not a lit major.  I had worked 32 years in a Pathology lab.  I am observant.  I try to build people up.  (There is always something good in a piece.).  You can do this too.

Give a good outreach in your bio.  Don’t be “the person behind the curtain.”  People want to know what kind of person is behind all those bits and bytes of info.  Reach out to people and by all means, FILL OUT YOUR BIO BLOCK.

People are not very good about reviewing on the site.  Sometimes I feel that I am more likely to be struck by lightning than get a review.  For the reader of this, I say, let’s start a revolution.  Not only acknowledge all reviews (that is a must, even if you don’t like their review) return all credible reviews.  Revolutions don’t start with massive numbers of people.  They start with two people deciding the best and most prudent course of action. The ball is in your court.  Are you in or are you out?

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