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A funny dialog between a kid and a cop.
There was a loud, assertive knock on the front door.  Johny ran to open it. He was always anxious to see visitors.  He swung the door open and there stood a policeman.

" Is your dad here?" asked the cop."

"No he isn't, he was in a rush today.  I wanted to ask him some questions but he said he didn't have time."  replied Johny.

The conversation continued;

"Is your mom here?"

"No, she's not here either.  She kissed my dad goodbye, then watched him drive away through the window.  When he was gone she got  dressed  up and went to see the neighbor, Mr. Smith."

"Did she say when she was coming back?"

"No, she told me to shut up and eat my breakfast. Hey, that's a nice gun.  Did you ever shoot anyone?

"What kind of question is that?"

"Did you ever hit anyone with that stick?  I bet it makes a cool sound if you hit someone on the head."

"You're too young to be left alone, when are your parents coming back?"

"I don't know, they never told me.  My Dad said I can stay alone because I talk like there's fifty people in the house.  My Mom should be home soon.  She never stays with Mr. Smith long.  Last time she did, Mrs. Smith came home. I never heard Mrs. Smith scream so loud, except one time when she was upstairs with my dad."

"Hey, kid, stop talking."

"Sometimes my mom screams at Mr. Smith too.  I can hear her when she goes to visit him."


'Yeah, my parents scream allot, never at me or each other though.  But for some reason my moms always screaming at Mr. smith and Mrs. Smith is always screaming at my Dad."

"Kid, You have the right to remain silent."
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