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It is okay to hate evil doers.

      "If someone kicks me down a flight of stairs, should I love them?"
      Friedrick Hayek.

      I think that's reasonable. Friedrick Hayek was a Jew, who escaped
      N.A.Z.I. Germany. He is also a great economists and his books are
      assigned in many universities.

      The Christian ethic of forgiveness is acceptable for minor offenses.
      But, a reasonable person, cannot allow an attack on his person or
      love ones. That would be suicide.

      What happened on 9/11 was an attack on my country. These people
      wanted to kill me and my people. That is war. I disagree that Iraq
      was responsible for the murder of 3 thousand civilians. But, I do agree
      that the terrorists organization responsible for it should be destroyed.
      I hate the terrorist that hijacked those planes. That is a reasonable

      Now, on a less dangerous level, I have dealt with bullies.
      I attended a violent high school. My dad told me to be careful,
      "Some of these punks have knives and guns." He was an English
      high school teacher. There was a panic button under the teacher's
      desk to call security in my high school. So, I was careful to avoid fights.
      But, I was willing to use deadly force if attacked. I had a knife.
      This is the battle field, between reasonable people and terrorist.

      What will you do if you are attacked? Beg for mercy?
      I probably shouldn't say this, but this country is impossible to police.
      The police must follow very strict guide lines in law enforcement.
      How many people cross our boarders illegally? How can we police the
      Mexican and Canadian and coast lines? If tons of cocaine can be transported
      across these borders, what else can be smuggled in?

      In a free society hate is discouraged. It is considered antisocial.
      But, I believe hate is a rational survival instinct to the real danger of
      attack in our daily lives. It is impossible for the police to prevent all crime.
      We must defend ourselves. Oh and there is no polite way to kill in self defense.
      "You have to get mad as hell!" NETWORK.

      I hope I haven't made any enemies...


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