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A guy asks his friend about something that once happened.
Fleeting Memory... A resonating prose poem

I suppose I might have said it, once or twice before. Maybe when I first came in or walking out the door. Anyway I said it, at least I’m sure of that, even if I can‘t recall where it happened at. You think I might have reckoned wrong or stumbled into it or maybe I’ll remember if I stop and think a bit? Help me now, I know it was and not a figment is. Like cola on the night stand that went and lost the fizz. I see you’re having trouble, perhaps don’t recollect… the simmer of a glimmer, arriving indirect…A look that’s sort of quizzeled, a smile kinda weak. The hick-up of a memory forgotten how to speak. Anyway I ‘preciate helping me recall. The whisker of a shadow flickering on the wall.

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