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Scientology originated with Joseph Stalin's Communist Fascism.
              Scientific Communism is part of the Marxist-Leninism Manifesto.
      "A dialectical and historical materialism that drives the social and political,
      economic struggle for equality." It was this Scientology that governed Joseph
      Stalin's policies. Thousands of Russian citizens would be sacrificed for the
      greater good. Joseph Stalin killed more people than Hitler. His philosophy
      allowed it. This is why I can say that Joseph Stalin did not believe what he
      was doing was wrong. It was the logical extension of Dialectical Materialism.

              Ron Hubbard has revived this cold war philosophy in his Church of
      Scientology. Tom Cruise and other celebrities are dupes for his campaign
      to further his Churches influence. Why is Tom Cruise apposed to psychology?
      Scientology strongly supports indoctrination. A novice can be starved and
      isolated from friends and family, during the Scientology indoctrination.
      This is called a "Purging." "Many holy men have fasted to find the truth."
      Ron Hubbard states in his book: DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM. What is then
      Mr. Hubbard's goal? Simply to gain social and political control. It has always
      been a war of ideas.

              Let me explain the rules.

                                1. Control education.
                                2. Control the media.
                                3. Centralize the government.

      I am Socratic in my philosophy. Ideas are not property. They are the expression
      of an open democratic society. Tom Cruise is opposed to competing ideas.
      Should the sick be treated with medicine? Not if you believe in Scientology.
      Ron Hubbard has stated that medicine is promoted by pharmaceutical companies.
      According to Scientology a properly disciplined mind can over come disease.
      This would eliminate a large number of people on medication. Why do people
      get cancer? Mr. Hubbard is certain that cancer is caused by stress.
      The importance of total control over the individual is the essence of Scientology.

      Barbara Walters asked Tom Cruise, "If John Travolta's son had received the
      proper medical attention, would he be alive today?" Tom Cruise stated that,
      "He was certain John did everything he could to help his son." But, did that
      include medicine? The scientific provision in eugenics demands the elimination
      of biologically inferior people. John Travolta's son was autistic. Could this be
      allowed in Scientology? Mr. Travolta's yacht was in international waters and
      excluded him from a thorough investigation. Tom Cruises response to Barbara
      Walters' question can be viewed on Youtube. Judge for yourself.

      Once again I am certain that Tom Cruise thinks he is right and everything
      he does accordingly is good. That in my opinion is a dangerous philosophy.
      There is no room for doubt or redress. My communism is simple.

                            1. Do unto others as you have them do unto you.
                            2. Help your friends.
                            3. Vote the Democratic ticket.

      I voted for Dukakis!


      Bob County
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