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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #1812750
Origin of life .. in God's mind.
      The class assembles as Muzzy shuffles his papers for his lecture.
      He taps his pen on the podium. Their is a hush. Muzzy adjusts his
      robe. He sips a glass of water.

      "George? Why are you wearing a Blaze.com T-shirt?
      You know that's a violation of school policy."

      George is asked to turn his t-shirt inside out. Muzzy pulls down a
      poster of the descent of man to apes. He walks slowly over to
      Elenora, who is chewing gum and puts out his open hand in front
      of her mouth. She spits out the gum into Muzzy's palm. He tosses
      the gum into a nearby waste basket.

      "Mft. How do we know men evolved from apes?" Bobbi jumps up
      and explains Charles Darwin's theory. Muzzy smiles and waves
      Bobbi to sit down. Muzzy pulls down a poster of Vishnu seated on
      a lotus flower. He scratches his whiskers under his chin.

      "Is it not possible that all we perceive is a dream; that we are living
      in the mind of God, like Vishnu dreaming of a world?"

      Nicki raises her hand and asks if she can go to the restroom.
      Muzzy smiles and writes out a hall pass. He shakes his head slowly.

      "It has been written that Adam was born from clay and his wife was
      made from his rib. This was done by God's will. God did not touch
      his creation with hands, but formed it with his mind." Muzzy sips
      his water and continues, "Is this not like the dreamer Vishnu, who
      dreams the world into existence?"

      "But, Genesis is a myth, evolution is science. Right?" Sarah interjected.
      Muzzy smiled at her, "Science is the observation and testing of objects.
      But, we are limited by our senses which are fallible. A law of science
      is only true until it is disproven. Millions of people believe the
      creation story of Genesis and Vishnu. Are they all fools?"

      Mathew raised his hand, "The scientific method is the most practical
      means to determine what is real and what is fantasy." Mathew sat down
      with a smug smile. Muzzy nodded and pointed at him.

      "That is correct. We can not duplicate a miracle in a lab. But, if a miracle
      were to happen what then? How can we say that Genesis is a lie?
      It is simply not provable within the laws of nature that Adam sprang up
      from clay with no intermediary evolution. Evolution is, therefore, the most
      logical theory for the origin of man."

      "Hob bunkin!" a tiny voice shouted. It was Winkin a fairy.
      She was no bigger than your thumb. She flew about the classroom,
      shooting sparks at the students. There was a tumble of chairs as the
      students tried to duck her electric shocks. Muzzy beat his podium with
      his fist.

      "I will have order in my classroom! You .. there stop pulling on Vessna's
      hair!" Muzzy pointed at Winkin. Winkin giggled, "Am I real?" Vessna jumped
      free of the tiny fairy. "Well, obviously, yes. If you allow the class to continue,
      I will take a photo of you and catalog you in my @IPOD." Muzzy did so
      as Winkin struck a pose with her butt up and hands extended.

      "Listen well mortals. Your time is short. And GIA will not tolerate
      any more disrespect! She will shake you off like fleas!" Winkin glared
      at the class. Muzzy made a video recording. Then, she vanished in a
      spark. Muzzy looked at his @IPOD it was blank. A strong magnetic
      field had erased it.

      "I want you all to write down what you just saw and pass your papers
      forward. That will be your final exam. I need a drink and a nap."
      Muzzy slumped down behind his desk as the students walked up
      and left their statements. The classroom was emptied.

      "Will anyone believe us?" mumbled the professor.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1812750-Creationism-101