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by Bill b
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Space travel is possible today.
Chapter one

I awaken in freefall. Alarms are going off in my head and I have no idea what's going on. Why am I falling. everything is heating up around me. As I start to understand alittle I realize just how high up I am. Clearly I can see all horizons of the planet in front of me Falling faster and faster, the alarms are getting worse and It feels like my head is about to explode with all the noise and heat around me.

Only now am i noticing that I can't move my arms and legs , they're restricted to a diving position, aimed directly towards the planet. I fix my eyes on a location in front of me and receive a shock of depth as I see a sort of tunnel vision. I can now see clouds in front of me very far away. With oceans and land beyond that. Clouds and skies that are slightly green, now I also noticed that the sun is off colored .what planet is this that I'm falling to.

The alarms have been so loud I've been ignoring them. But now I can only hope that the alarms don't mean a failure in whatever it is thats keeping me alive right now. Just as if i knew it was going to happen, An even louder piercing sounding alarm goes off. My view goes completely black and I feel my whole body shake and tremble as if I was hit by a bus. I know I did not hit ground yet because I'm still way up in the atmosphere but I can feel the heat around me getting worse and those old alarms were getting louder than normal. The one good thing that came of it was that extremely loud piercing noise went away. The problem I have now is that my view is still blackened. I have no way of telling how far away from the ground I am or what's going on in my situation at all. Now the only thing I can do is wait for my impending touchdown with the ground.

Just as I felt like I was going to lose it I heard almost as if three voices spoke at once. "You will be fine. Dont worry". I yell back "great that doesn't really help much". I start getting very tired and I'm having a hard time keeping myself thinking. Whatever it is that's doing this to me must be drugging me as well. I guess that helps more but dammit thats not what i had in mind. In my final instances of half lucid thought the only thing that comes to mind is That if im in another solar system then everyone i knew is long since dead.

Chapter 2

Am I alive. Ha. Of course I'm alive otherwise there would be no questioning this, but the fact that I still feel like I am floating is scarier to me than the concept that I already hit the ground. My vision is still black, and my head is killing me but a I don't feel any of the heat that I was from before.

Sitting there thinking, not even trying to move. The floating feeling is gone now as are the alarms. I am on solid ground and i can hear birds chirping. Suddenly the high piercing noise came back but only for a second and then there was a tap on the top of my helmet, moments later the same sound and another tap. It was then my visor unblackened and i was reassured that i wasnt blind. I tried to look around and I could do so freely. I was no longer restricted.

The more I look around and focus on the trees and grass around me I'm noticing that everything is blue except for the sky which is a light green color. Sort of like a slightly dirty pool just getting algea growing in it. I hear the piercing noise one more time and the clink off the top of my helmet. Immediately i start looking around trying to see where it came from. I stand to get a better view and notice something in the distance behind trees and bushs. Whatever it was it must've noticed me standup because it immediately ran in the other direction not thinking about how much noise it was making at all.

Whatever planet I'm on definitely has life that's intelligent enough to know when to run away from something bigger than it. Scares me to think what evolved it in such a way to make it learn to run away from things. What else is in this forest that I should be afraid of. Of course it could have just been an animal's natural tendency to be scared of the unknown.

Chapter 3

It's a really strange feeling. To be alone like this. I steady myself and take good look around me. From where the sun was when I was falling to where it is now I'd say I've been unconscious for about three hours. Although I have no idea how big this planet or that star are so really that's just a wild guess.

Sitting there thinking how to figure out the size of the planet I realized something that is very obvious but went unoticed until now. I was falling at a speed that with my body weight and the suits weight I should've left a crater in the ground several meters in diameter at least.

Looking around it's easy to see that there are broken twigs and what seems to be a drag line in the ground . That makes me extremely nervous to think that there is something intelligent enough to drag my body away from a place that was dangerous.

I took it upon myself to follow the line into the woods. No less than 35 meters from where i was laid the clearing opened up and a crater is easily seeable. All around the crater the tree limbs are broken off the trees and there are smoldering ashes in the center. Some trees close to the egdes are completely stripped and left as sticks, others that were closer are charred and knocked over. The crater looks just like you would think any crater would look. Besides the bluegrass and the blue trees, the dirt in the crater is the normal Color of earth dirt.

How did I survive such a descent and landing. This must be some amazing armor suit that I'm wearing. Looking hard at it revealed it is deffinetly made of some new materiels and i dont see any instructions on the suit. I tried take my helmet off, no good it won't even budge. Neither will any other part of the armor. I assume they are safety locked and mean the air is unbreathable. Not much more to be learned from staring at the Crater I decide to patrol the craters perimeter.

Creeping around the forest just thinking about my situation. i just end up with more questions.
Why can't I remember anything about this. I think back to what I was doing, where was I before this. I remember being in a classroom. That's right, I was teaching a physics class. It feels like a dream with nothing in between then and now, almost like there doesnt have to be. How could I have gotten from a physics class to falling on some desolate planet.

du duh DUHhh!!! To be continued
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