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Erotic memory
In the sleepless dark we lay

with tangled linens damp

Retrieving scattered intellect,

not reaching for the lamp

A cooling dew upon your skin

glows dim, this cave dark night

Reflected outlines show your form

lit by fire light

You take comfort in the black,

think I can't see your "flaws"

Do you know how well I map you

with my hairy paws

The lucky odor we breath in,

so redolent in here,

Is so unique, not two alike,

just one that we hold dear

Reassembled bits of thought,

blue movies in my brain

Recall gymnastic flares on mats,

or vaulting horse again

When we first met, you drove me wild

my actions seemed quite mad

Another held your promise then,

to steal you made me glad

When we're good, we're very good,

and when we're bad, we're better

We plumb the depths they call perverse,

and live it to the letter

Lace and leather, chains and pearls,

satin, skin and silk

Tactile textures help to map

the joy of my own ilk

Richard Higley © Sept 2011
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