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What is racism?

        racism: the assumption that psychocultural traits and capacities are
                    determined by biological race and that races differ decisively
                    from one another which is usu, coupled with a belief in inherent
                    superiority of a particular race and its right to domination over
                    others; 2a: a doctrine or political program based on the assumption
                    of racism and designed to excuse its principles; b: a political or
                    social system founded on racism.

        anthropology: 1 a study of man; as (a): the study of body and mind and
                              their interrelationships (b): the study combining human anatomy
                              and physiology (c): ANTHROPOMETRY (d): the study of
                              man's physical character, historical and present geographical
                              distribution, racial classification, group relationships, and cultural
                              history, the latter often limited to primitive stages. 2: a religious
                              teaching about the origin, nature, and destiny of man from the
                              perspective of his relationship to God; specif: the branch of
                              systematic theology dealing with anthropology.

        Is the Tea Party racist? What political organization isn't? Every poll,
        survey is based on racial demographics. What is disturbing about the
        Tea Party is its pundits. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage
        all use violent rhetoric against the President. It is a call for the violent
        overthrow of this Presidency. That's illegal. Rush Limbaugh asked his
        listener to do a "drive by" this coming election. This is a reference to a
        gang shooting from a speeding car. I think the anthropology of conservative
        culture is genocidal. They have no patience for liberals.

        Morgan, can you honestly say you have no prejudice?
        I know I do. I don't feel superior to anyone, but I'm not going to
        hike along the Iranian boarder. Jeeze! That's stupid.

        What is written on the Statue Of Liberty?
        Does it say no illegal immigrants?
        My grandparents on my dad's side came over from Ireland.
        They didn't need a green card. They were citizens when they arrived.
        Strange, how some immigration is good an others bad.
        Many African Americans were brought to this country on slave ships.
        They were emancipated  with a civil war. Is this why your last name is

        How many billions of tax dollars have been spent on famine in other countries?
        Why are the American poor loathed for receiving government assistance?
        Of all the government bureaucracy to protest, the Tea Party chose teachers.
        My dad was a teacher. He made no money. The Army Core of Engineers
        is still trying to put in a traffic system for Iraq. The Iraqis keep blowing it up!
        This is a waist of tax payers money! ... How do you fight mountain people
        in Afghanistan?  Were asking for advice from the Russians! They lost...
        But, you'll see teachers vilified at THE BLAZE.Com. Oy.

        "If Obama is reelected or another progressive gets into office, that will
        be the end of this country." Glen Beck. Isn't democracy progressive?
        Oh, you want a totalitarian government. But, that's communist right?
        You can't stop progressives without a strong police state.

          Mr. Freeman, I think were doomed to another hawkish Republican
          Presidency.. I'm going to have some scrambled eggs and apple sauce.
          Yankee Doodle!


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