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by Shane
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A story... read it, please, give your honest to god opinion.
I'm not happy with the ending, but I cant improve it yet, I'm simply swamped with school work, the idea of this started as someone whose view of their own gender changed daily, but i went a bit further into that, without actually saying anything about it, I cant help but think in the hands of a better and more dedicated author, this, like many of my ideas, would have real potential, but I'm afraid in my state of still-learning I am not up to the standards of professional authors, still, I hope you like my idea, if not my story. All advice welcome.

“Did you remember to do your homework, this time, Martina?” the lady asked me, she looked hopeful, and I hated disappointing.

“No, miss, I didn’t know there was any...” the lady sighed, she was disappointed, I seem to remember her being like this before.

“Okay, Martina, stay behind, please.” The other kids giggled: they didn’t care that the lady was sad and disappointed, they just giggled.

The next hour passed rather quickly. We were learning English. I knew English – my parents taught me it, it was my first and is my only language, but I had noticed some people at the school didn’t speak it awfully well, I suppose that’s why they feel the need to dedicate a whole hour to it. I stayed behind, as instructed, and the lady sat down opposite me.

“Martina” she said.

“Yes, Mabel?” I replied.

“Please stop calling me that, Martina, I’m your teacher.”

“Sorry, Miss.”

“We really need to sort out your organisation skills, Martina, you miss homeworks entirely, you sometimes miss out weeks of school, you leave your folders and pens and pencils lying around the school, you need to start caring for your own property Martina, this is getting out of hand.”

“Sorry, Miss.” I did not know what else to say: she seemed adamant that I had done these things, when I know for a fact I hadn’t been leaving the pens and pencils and folders lying around because I had not been at this school.

“You’re a clever... girl, Martina, but you can’t keep up with the work if you don’t do homework. Go to your break time, now.”

So I left, I spend my break times in the Unisex toilets, first, I go to urinate, then I wash my hands, dry them, and sit in one of the cubicles with the door open, reading. Today I’ve just started reading a new book, its about this young girl and her prince charming, but its much more intelligently written than those fairy tales.

A boy looked into the cubicle where I was sat, and talked to me. “Hello, boy.” I said, for I was engaged in the book, and did not care much to find out his name.

“Umm, hey, you’re that... girl aren’t you?”

“I am a girl, why do you ask?”

“Umm, yeah, I dunno, I guess... what’re you reading?”

“A book.”

“Oh... Umm I’m new here, could you perhaps, answer some questions?”

“Yes, boy, what do you need to know?”

“Do you like... boys?”

“Yes I like boys...”

“Have you ever been... kissed?”

“No, not yet.”

“Would you like to be?”

“I suppose I would...” With that, the boy leant forward and kissed me, it was amazing, he was slightly clumsy, but still, it was amazing.

After that, I started reading again until the end of break.

The rest of the day passed as one would expect: I got home, went to my room, and read, until I fell asleep.


“Did you remember your homework, Martin?” ask the man, sounding somewhat resigned.

“What was it, sir?” I asked.

“The equations given to you on the sheet.”

I looked in my bag, and found a sheet of paper with “Martina Pride” written on it. I crossed out the a, frowning at my own incompetence. “This sheet, sir?”

“Yes, Martin, that sheet. Stay behind after school please, I am getting fed up of this.”

“Yes sir.” The next hour was slow, and rather dull. We were learning Maths. I had never thought Maths could be taught, the answers were always so obvious: 12 x 12, 124 x 234, 9482, all of it was just a matter of counting, which was simple enough for any fool to understand. The equations, too, were simple. Surely given enough time ANYONE would be able to find out that the two small sides of a right angle triangle squared and added together would make the square of the big line, so why do we accredit it all to this man Pythagoras? Maths annoyed me.

The bell went for break, and I went to pee in the Unisex toilets, I used a tissue to clean my penis, then washed my hands and sat in the cubicle with the door open to read. I was reading a new book today, it was about a boy and his beautiful princess, but wasn’t written like those stupid lovey-dovey fairy tales.

A boy walked straight into my cubicle, as if he didn’t even notice it was occupied, he said, “Hey... Umm I wanted to say, thanks for yesterday, it was really great.”

“Yesterday?” I said. “I wasn’t here yesterday.”

Then I kept on reading until the end of break.

The day passed by slowly, each second dragging over a minute, each minute dragging over an hour. Finally it was the end of the day, a man came and stopped me from leaving, brought me back into a classroom, where he yelled at me.

“Why don’t you ever do any work, Martin? Why are you incapable of doing anything, you know what I think, I think you’re just lazy! What do you have to do when you get home, Martin? What stops you from just doing your homework then? Tell me!”

“We-“ I said, before being interrupted.

“I don’t want to hear any excuses, Martin!” I thought this was strange of him, changing his mind so quickly. “Here is all the homework you haven’t done in the last month, each sheet, page, and question you have been too lazy to do, I want you to stay here until each of them is done.”

It took the best part of ten minutes to do the work the loud man had given me, and then I left, leaving him looking very surprised at god knows what, he was a decidedly strange man.

I went home, and read until I fell asleep.


“Is it even worth me asking?” said the lady.

“I haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about...” I said, truthfully.

“Martina, I’m going to have to phone your mother tonight, this has gotten out of hand, I’m pretty sure you’re other teachers will agree, its time we informed your mother of everything thats been happening since...” the lady trailed off, I tried hard to think of what she could be talking about, but nothing seemed obvious.

“Okay... may I go now, Miss?” I asked. It was the end of the lesson, after all.

“Yes, Martina, you may go.”

I went to my cubicle to read my new book, about a princess and her prince charming, and a boy turned up.

“Hello, Martina,” he said, nervously, shutting the door behind him.

“Hello, Boy,” I replied, but before I could ask what he was doing he kissed me!

It was my first kiss, and so out of the blue! It was amazing, it truly was, and I could feel myself falling in love with the boy, and so I did what any girl in love should do.

I took off my skirt, and pressed myself against him, he was nervous, shaking all over, and asking whether I was sure that was what I wanted, at one point he mentioned giving or receiving, but I didn’t understand this, so once I could see his penis was out and hard, I helped guide him into my vagina.

The next ten minutes were pure bliss, but then the bell went, at first we thought of leaving for our classes, but then once we had murmured I love you’s, we kept on going until I felt him come inside me. I asked if he thought I was going to be pregnant, and he said that was impossible, but I kept hoping.

All day I thought about Boy, he was a wonderful person, I was certain he was, and he walked me home, and we talked about living together and marrying and having babies and all sorts of things, I invited him up to my room and we spent the night together, making love over and over.


I awoke with Girl next to me, she looked so sexy in her pink pyjamas, when she woke up we kissed again, and I made sweet love to her: I cant wait to find out if she’s pregnant or not, it’d be so sweet to have a baby.

I heard a knocking at the door, and I went to answer it, there was a man there, with long blond hair and ruby red lips, he asked me to step aside, then behind him many women came, they took photos and disturbed Mummy while she was sleeping. Me and Girl had to go with them to a police station, where they asked me questions, I refused to answer without Girl holding my hand, they asked me questions about my childhood with Daddy, what he had done to me, why he had gotten girls clothing for me, and all sorts of strange questions. In the end they sent me to a lady who talked to me about my feelings and told me what to feel, but I needed Girl with me.

I asked if I could please get myself a drink and ran away with Girl, we kissed all the time and made love, and made vows to love each other forever and ever, I was going to be happy with Girl, I know I was.


The women and men were all looking for us, but we walked around town holding hands anyway, we wanted to show we loved each other. A nasty girl through a stone at us, then many more girls joined in, one of them hit Boy in the back of the head, and he fell down, all the other girls ran away, but I chased after the head girl, she tripped over, and I threw stones at her, over and over, while she was on the floor. Then I went back to Boy, he wasn’t moving, so I tried waking him up, it didn’t work, so I tried kissing him, it didn’t work, so I tried feeling for his penis, he still didn’t move.

After two hours, the men and women found us, they used bad language when they saw Boy and the leader of the nasty girls, and took me into their car. I realised that Boy was dead, and sobbed.

The lady didn’t talk to me this time: she wrote things down and gave me pills. I took all of the pills at once, fell asleep, and never woke up.

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