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This Blog or writing piece is my book against bullys.
Why do we have violence in our society from children against children? Why would a child pick up a gun and shoot themselves or another child?

These are some of the questions that I heard from the documentary, Bowling for Columbine, by Mr. Michael Moore. The parents were throwing their hands up and asking why?, no one had any answers.

When my son was attacked 3 days ago at school, I decided to finish my book that I wrote over ten years ago, in order to answer some of these questions. I wanted to help end the violence and bloodshed in our culture. I wanted bullies to be prosecuted for their actions and be given counseling to help them in their negative thinking, so they can be anti bully themselves.


In really thinking about why I want to do this, there are so many children being bullied and abused in our society that I started to remember all of the little pricks who tormented me and made my a living hell, just because they could. This book is for them too. In a way I am immortalizing their actions, so that they know exactly what I went through.

This book is for a lot of people. It’s for my son. It’s for the bully who grabbed the back of his head and bashed it into a locker. It’s for me, for my friends who have also been bullied. This is a book for everyone to read, so we can come together and agree that the bullying has to stop.

“A lonely person has the potential to become angry and want to hurt themselves and others around them. The lonely person is willing to take their own life to end the pain of torment and cruelty, of feeling so alone that death becomes the only way out. This is why we have violence from children, against children.” Sarajane Pence

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