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A self-description of my emotional state. Let me know what you guys think!
By day I am a happy child,
One that hides all of its sorrow from the world.
By night I am a lost soul,
Who prays with mind and body that tomorrow will never come.
By day you see a smile
And a laugh that says I have the world...or so you think.
By night you hear the cries
And see the tears that pour from my eyes as I cry myself to sleep.
By day I fool you all,
For no one sees the hurt and pain that hide beneath the surface.
By night I show my true colors.
My cries and screams come as a great relief for I know that I am safe here.
Day and night stand as two opposites in every way,
Each in their own world and time.
Both come together in a balance, evened out,
To form in full the person that I am today.
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