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A sixteenth birthday party goes horribly wrong.
It was your sixteenth birthday
Sweet as sugar, too good to be true
Best day of your life they say
I used to say that too.
The night was like any other
A big party, a dip in the pool
No chaperones, not even your mother
Just me, a few friends, and you.
We wanted this night to be special
One that we would never forget
So I did something I thought was cool
Only now I owe an unpayable debt.
I pulled out a keg of beer
You handed out the cups
We thought that it truly could not hurt
If we got drunk just this once.
It seemed like we drank for hours
Each moment funnier than the last
Soon we realized it was almost dawn
Too bad the dice of fate had been cast.
DayDay said his mom was gonna flip
Since he had stayed out until dawn
Being the cool friend that you were
You said "I'll drop you off on your lawn."
I had a really bad feeling about all of this
Since I knew we were all still real drunk
But no ever listens to the littlest one
They thought I was playing and called me a punk.
Then I realized the drinks had hit me
That was why I felt so bad
I knew my friends were just playing
So I decided to not even get mad.
Still, I asked you to stay safe and sound
Wear your seat belt, stay off the main roads
"Now whose being overprotective?" you asked
I knew I loved you then and told you so.
I gave you a hug and said, "See you later."
You kissed me and said, "See you in 10."
I'd have never in a million years
Known I'd never see you alive again.
We waited an hour, then two, then three
I began to panic and get really upset
You had told me that you would be back by now
But the knot in my stomach was taut and set.
Then DayDay's mom called Bree's cell
There was a relief that would not last
The boys have been in a terrible accident
You had better get down here fast.
My mind and heart screamed as one
As I registered the horrible news
My mind explained what my heart could not
You were fighting a battle that you just might lose.
Bree then called her brother Jarrod
And said that you and DayDay were hurt
He said he was coming to get us right then
And the whole way there my mind was on alert.
When we finally arrived at the hospital
I asked DayDay's mom where you were
She said, "I'm not sure I should tell you-"
I saw a nurse and said, "Fine, I'll just ask her."
I asked the nurse which room was yours
She said she was sorry for my loss
Then the nurse told me you hadn't made it
You were DOA, you'd gone to meet the big boss.
Then the realization finally hit me
You were gone for good; you were not coming back
The screams I uttered then still haunt me today
Without you I'm lost; it's you I lack.
I almost couldn't go to your funeral
I could only sit in the front row and cry.
But the thought that you would never look at me again
It honestly made me want to die.
I love you Anthony Thompson
And know that my pain is mixed with glee
For I know that I will see you one day soon
And, for now, the wait's okay with me.
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