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by Deb
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My reflections at my sons' "special Olympics" track practice.
Our "Special" Friends

Their passion is real
every smile sincere.
No agenda or intent
just open honesty.

This is their gift
to each of us.
Pure trust, innocence,
and love without condition.
You don't have to be beautiful or smart,
tall or thin.
Just You!
How refreshing and inspiring.

They put their heart into everything
they do.
Running with abandon around an old track,
with every ounce of energy they can muster.
Winning is not as important as just
being there and participating with their friends.

They will proudly wear their medals,
and share them at home,work,church
and even the grocery store with anyone
who smiles their way.
They know no strangers,
no difference is too great.
We are all equal in their eyes.

They are shunned and sneered at,
bullied and mocked, yet they hold
no grudge.
They are quick to forgive our transgressions
with simple grace.

If it is true that man is created in God's image
then surely these who;
Love Simply
Laugh Readily,
Smile with their heart in their eyes
are the Portrait of God.

They run over the finish line
expecting a "high five", or hug,
Wanting only our love and acceptance
of their limitations.

We call them many things: handicapped,
challenged, special needs, but
maybe we should add " teacher" to this list.
I think we can learn a lot from
our "special friends."

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