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inner monologue, reflection on noise surrounding us
My dear friend...

There is so much talking going around this world these days,

At the same time there are so many people crying in silence of their

empty bedrooms,

guilty that they did not say what they wanted to, before it was too late...

They cry in vain though...

as life is not much to talk about ,because the life is just about living.

My dear friend...

There are so many beautiful ideas and feelings in this world , which are only empty talking

They are like those fragile reflections in the water’s surface- if you try to touch them they disperse quickly leaving you with blurred vision of what they used to be.

They are like beautifully shaped snowflakes which caught in your hand change into the plain drops of water.

Some claim that words are powerful...

somebody said that each spoken word makes you weaker, though...

and who wants to be weak...

This is why,

My dear friend...

Do not tell me how you need me,

Just stand by my side,

Do not tell me how you love me,

Just make a cup of hot chocolate when I am feeling down.

Do not tell me how much you care,

Just put a pillow under my tired head when I fall asleep on the sofa.

Do not say you understand,

Just look at me and give me one of these smiles which are like stars for the sailors who lost their way home.

Do not tell me how stunning that place is,

Just take me there,

Where sitting comfortably next to each other,looking at  the space ahead us

Let’s go silent... and let the Silence talk,

As it is the only one who has the real gift of the gab

In this world which is nothing more than

Empty  talking...

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