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Contemplating change in the world around us and why bother.
The amount of times in a week people say to me how I’ve changed whether it be my hair, my clothes or in general. But at the same time I am seeing a change in others sometimes small, a word or a phrase that they use, but sometimes the change can happen slowly and we don’t notice to concerned about how we’re changing to notice, until one day it hits us they are no longer the person we once sought for help or to have fun doing nothing. That is a big change. Rarely a big change is welcomd by others.

But change can be good. It can be a progression of skill or personality, it can open doors, but sometimes the draft from the opening of a new door can lead to the slamming shut of an old.

Everyone changes. Which is why holding onto a friend or partner can be hard, the trick is to find someone who is changing at the same rate and in the same way that you are, whilst living their own life. Doesn’t sound so easy when put like that, but the amount of people who stay friends or stay together is high, which means we therefore consciously have to put work into our relationships, working to slow down change. But how do we know when enough is enough, that you aren’t just putting the work in, slowing the change of your life, but stopping it all together for the sake of another who is changing. By stopping your own progression you’re stopping the chance of meeting others, seeing more of what the world has to offer, and seeing whether you can be more.
Do not be afraid to shake things up and see where they land, perhaps a change may be what you need, whether it be small or big. But never change for the sake of another unless it’s what you want, otherwise you may lose yourself completely.
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